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"Now Playing" quit showing art and info

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  • "Now Playing" quit showing art and info

    I just noticed tonight that no album art shows in "Now Playing" when I'm listening to my playlists in My Music. I know a couple of albums never displayed but none of them do now. There is a picture of the album cover in the top main window of Winamp. But there is still no artist info in the "Now Playing" window, only the track, artist, and album name. It does say, "accessing gracenote media database," but it returns nothing. Anyone know what it could be?

    I read about 25 pages of search results for "art" and "now playing" before I gave up.

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    This might help
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      Me Too

      Mine stopped working yesterday too! I have about 2000 plus albums and about 85% worked in now playing. Now none work and I'm wondering why? I've done a clean install thinking i must of changed something by mistake but still doesn't work.

      Here's my system specs:

      Windows Vista Home Premium
      Dell Inspiron 1525
      Intel core 2 duo T7250 @2.00GHZ
      2.00GB Ram
      On Board HD Audio with Creative X-FI Notebook PCI Express sound card
      Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset
      Direct X10
      Winamp Full 5.52
      Cable Modem always connected
      Firewall allows Winamp
      IE7 With all winamp sites trusted
      1 plugin OzoneMP (used this for years)

      I also have the host file edited with ( so there is no ads showing, but i've used that since 5.5 with no problems

      This is my first post but have used Winamp for 7 years and love it! So sorry if i missed any requirements for posting but any help is greatly appreciated. I love the now playing feature and want it back
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        Could it be Gracenote's problem?


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          Okay, still having this problem. BUMP... I tried removing "ml_nowplaying.dll" from the plugins folder, opened and closed Winamp. Replaced the file in the plugins folder, didn't change anything.

          I tried searching for "Now Playing" plugins, hoping I could re-install it, but "ml_nowplaying.dll" wasn't listed. There were others that didn't look like what I need. Could this dll be corrupt. The Gracenote website seems to be up and running just fine.

          Has anyone had to fix this problem?


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            You didn't have to remove the ml_nowplaying.dll at all. Reinstall Winamp 5.52 if you want it back again. But it's a server side issue. Same exact thing has been happening to me, and I never experience any problems. No way to avoid it until they fix it server-side. We'll all just have to wait it out. No sense in complaining.
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              Aww, I was whining for nothing. Thanks for letting me know about that.

              I didn't throw away the file, I just took it out and then put it back in to see what happened. When I said I was searching, I was just looking for a fresh copy of the same dll I already had, thinking maybe it was corrupt. I'm not a complete and total dufus... most days.