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importing iTunes files

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  • importing iTunes files

    I bought an album at iTunes. The files show as being protected AAC, and also show as being .m4p. That is confusing enough, how can music files be two different file types.

    Anyway, AAC clearly shows as a file type for Winmap, yet. I can not add the files to my library.

    Any help with this?


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    File contents are not defined by extension. If I create an *.mp3 file and then rename it *.wma, does it become a Windows Media Audio file?

    Protected audio files from iTunes are given the m4p extension so that most programs can handle them correctly, few actually check the contents of a file to determine what it is because this is hard to do.

    Protect files from iTunes are not supported by Winamp as Apple will not license the DRM out to anyone. There is a hacked together plugin that can play these files.
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