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Show the "Notifications" when I hover over Taskbar icon.

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  • Show the "Notifications" when I hover over Taskbar icon.


    So I have looked all round the Winamp Preferences and Plugin options and can't find it so I thought I would post here to see if it is possible.

    Basically, I would like the "Notification Box" (the thing that pops up when a new track comes on) to pop up when I hover over the Winamp icon in the task bar (next to the clock etc).

    Currently a little yellow box with the track info pops up.

    I hope this makes sense - I don't use the Winamp Agent, and I am running Windows XP and Winamp v5.52

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    There is no setting for that. The Notifications bubble is a part of modern skins and is independent of the icon tooltip in the "systray".

    However as an alternative, you could define a global hotkey for Notifications...
    1. Winamp > Ctrl+P > General Preferences > Global Hotkeys > the name of the Action is Playback: Show Notification
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      Thanks for getting back to me. I have set it up as you so clearly instructed, so cheers for that.

      Perhaps this feature might be something to think about for future releases? It seems like a sensible idea, with the great new feel Winamp 5.5 has it seems the little yellow box should be updated too!

      Thanks again Jonny...
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