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Insignia Pilot - Winamp no error crash

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  • Insignia Pilot - Winamp no error crash

    I think I have figured out the issue with the Insignia Pilot (and probably other MTP/P4S portable players) and Winamp 5.53+ closing without error. The issue has to do with WMP11. When WMP11 is installed it also installs Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0.0. This upgrades the MTP drivers, services and other stuff.

    Following these instructions from Microsoft (Microsoft WMP11 install/Rollback instructions) to roll back to WMP10, the crashes stopped and Winamp is able to see/connect to the Insignia player once again.

    Hopefully anyone having issues with Winamp closing due to MP3 player being plugged in, check for WMP11 and do a roll back.

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    winamp 5.53 pro crash

    I don't understand what I'm supposed to do according to your instructions. Does this mean I can't have Win Media Player new version? Is that the only choice in this matter?

    I know you guys have total disdain for WMP, but it is the only way to do certain things, eg. download audio books from my library and version 10 won't do.

    Does it have to do with upgrading to WA pro? this is my first time in years to upgrade but I'll take it back if this is the only option.

    Simply put I want both new WA and WMP.


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      Sorry. One more thing. How do I "rollback?" It may be obvious to you but nothing about Vista is obvious to me.


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        The instructions on that MS page are for Windows XP.

        Vista comes with WMP11 already installed, so you can't rollback to a previous version on Vista, because it never existed.

        I'm not sure what the workaround on Vista would be...
        we probably need to update our pmp_p4s interface or something.

        For now, you could try disabling Winamp's MTP Autoplay feature

        by deleting the following Registry key (left-pane):


        and the following Registry string (right-pane):


        Be sure to make a backup first.

        That will at least stop both Winamp and WMP11 trying to load at the same time when you insert the device.

        Other than that, I'm not rightly sure...

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          winamp crash

          I did all that plus taking Winamp off startup at msconfig.

          Still crashes each time after one operation on my mp3: I can only make it crash now after I delete file. Does it every retry.

          Any more ideas?



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            I've copied this thread over to our internal bugtracker.
            Hopefully it will be looked into and addressed.

            There's definitely some issues here with pmp_p4s.dll

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              "Pure Virtual Function Call" Crash

              OK, I'm getting the same crash and I'm not using ANY portable media player at all. Latest Winamp Pro version 5.531. Fully patched XP Pro.

              It will play maybe a song or 2, then crashes with the "Pure Virtual Function Call".

              Also related to WMP?


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                If it's not related to PMP then you should have started your own thread instead.

                Be sure to attach the required information (List Of Plugins, and HijackThis logs)
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                  Yesterday I had exactly the same issue as the one described in the beginning of the post. Whenever I connected my new mp3 player in mode MTP (Cowon D2 FW 2.54) Winamp 5.531 will start scanning the files in the player and then just disappear. Not even an error message. I uninstalled and did a clean install of Winamp without any additional plugins, and the problem persisted. Finally I came down to this forum and found this post.
                  I had WMP 11 installed in Win XP Pro SP3, so I tried the procedure of the roll back of WMP. No problem with that whatsover, except that I had WMP 9 before installing WMP 11, so after the rolling back to WMP 9 I had no more access to the P4S (MTP) mode of my player. It was just appearing as MSC (removable drives). After another web search I realized that the MPC drivers come with WMP 10.0 and upwards, I went to microsoft site and downloaded and installed WMP 10.0 and everything started to work fine!!

                  Now winamp works flawlessly with my player and can create playlist out of the music inside the player... Thanks for the help!!

                  I hope this issue is fixed soon as there are some features of WMP 11 not available in WMP 10.


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                    Thanks for the very helpful information in this thread.

                    I had a Sansa e280v1, and used Winamp for all my local media handling and syncing with the Sansa. Any time I'd delete a file from the Sansa via Winamp, Winamp would crash - no error messages or anything, the program would just quit. It was kind of a pain, but I didn't delete files all that often so I could live with it.

                    SanDisk replaced my e280v1 with an e280v2 due to a defective headphone jack. With the v2, as soon as Winamp finished loading the index info from the Sansa, Winamp would quit.

                    Following the help given in this thread, I uninstalled Windows Media Player 11, which reverted back to my previous WMP 9. I then downloaded and installed WMP 10 from here:
                    Learn how to get Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

                    Everything seems to be working fine with my Winamp 5.531 now - it doesn't crash after loading the Sansa index info, and I can delete without problem.

                    Thanks again!


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                      I had hopes that this problem would be fixed in 5.54

                      Yes, I installed immediately version 5.54 when it came out... and then, with high hopes, I re-installed WMP 11 expecting to have both now... but, the problem is still there.

                      The only change I noticed is that now Winamp does not crash silently, but gives a typical windows error dialog asking for sending the information about it to Microsoft. But, definitively it crashes as soon as I plug the mp3 player in MTP mode.

                      I guess I have to again roll back to WMP 10 and loose all new features about MTP players that WMP 11 gives. I hope winamp fixes this really soon or I am afraid I will have to find another music manager software that gives same features as winamp but compatible with WMP 11.


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                        Again went into the pain of updating to Winamp 5.541 and WMP 11 to test if the MTP bug has been fixed... but nothing changed. Can't believe that after 3 new versions of Winamp, the problem is still there. I had to roll back to WMP 10 as usual.


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                          Sansa Fuze does not appear in Windows

                          I followed the above instructions for a Sansa Fuze 4gb, and now the player does not appear in Windows at all, even though the player says it is connected to the computer. Thanks for any help.


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                            Sorry to resurrect this old thread but is this MTP device issue ever going to get fixed? Or is this being deliberately ignored for some obscure business pressurised, DRM related reason?

                            It's a real shame, as far as I'm concerned and I suspect many other users, this has become a complete show stopper.

                            Rolling back to WMP10 is not an option anymore WMP11 is included with my latest XP installation. Twice I rolled back to WMP10 and I can see from some of the remarks here, a third time, would be a waste of time.

                            I can not use my Cowon D2 with Winamp as I want. I can use Media Monkey but I've been using Winamp for 10 years. Microsoft make things difficult I know but surely this is not beyond you guys to get it sorted.