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  • Strange playback problem


    I've been using winamp for ages , and i never had a problem with it until today I got some errors so i decided to unistall then install the winamp again. I've downloaded the latest version but i have a weird and strange errors when i start a music.

    Some mp3's work properly, but i got two kind of errors with other mp3's.

    First: When I try to play the song , the playback doesn't works. It seems that winamp skips them.

    Second: I managed to start the playback but i got some weird and strange noises, strange speed (faster speed). The song is a complete mess with these errors

    So once more: some mp3s works fine, but in the others i got one of the two problems.

    I don't know what to do, I've searched so much posts here but i can't find any solution for this. Please help, thanks!
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    I got exactly same problems since today...

    Ive already tried to install older versions of winamp but problem remains...

    Id be very pleased if somebody experienced in such problems could reply to this thread...

    Thanks in advance...
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      Hmm two more topics opened today with this problem :S


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        So they know the problem , does anyone care about it?
        I mean...shouldn't we have a solution to this?


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          Another thread opened with this problem :S

          I'm sure that they care about this and they're working on to solve this. Maybe it's not that easy to fix it so they need some time


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            O20 - Winlogon Notify: winloe32 - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\winloe32.dll

            Looks like you've got a nasty malware infection there.

            Only 1 result so far on google:

            Winlogon items can be quite tricky to remove...

            I suggest that you take it to one of these specialised security forums:

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              Theres my plugin list and hijackthis log...

              Id be pleased if you could look when u have time...

              Thx in advance...
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                Old version of HJT. Please use v2.02 (not 1.99.1)

                This BHO is malware:

                O2 - BHO: (no name) - {7101002C-C8A3-F8C9-8327-080CBDEC850C} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\jzxulwmh.dll

                You can fix bad BHO's with HJT by closing all windows (Explorer, browser, email, office, etc), run the HJT scan again, checkmark ONLY that one entry in the results, and click 'fix checked'.

                But the newer version of HJT might show more...

                By the way, is your user profile on XP really ErROr.CP-55F156BD35C7 ???

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                  Ive removed that file, thanks for info...

                  Ive made user profile ErROr... I have no idea why or how this ErROr.CP-55F156BD35C7 was created...

                  Same thing happened with other user profiles in my pc too... I made Sandra and Lenka profiles and now there are Lenka.CP-55F156BD35C7 and Sandra.CP-55F156BD35C7.. Like i said i have no idea what it means or why it was created..

                  However, theres new log from v2.02... Its kinda late now for playing mp3s to check if it worked, so ill try tommorow and update my reply...

                  Thanks for your time...
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                    Great info I used to solve my problems too


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                      i don't understand anything

                      Please , for stupid people like me , explain what have you done. Did you make winamp to work normally?
                      I don't understand what did you "run" , what file should be removed or changed...?
                      Please help me too , thanks


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                        They all attached their HijackThis logs,
                        and then I told them which malware item to remove...

                        i.e. it's a trojan/virus that's causing the problem,
                        and it has nothing to do with Winamp directly.

                        The instructions for attaching a HJT log can be found via the FAQ
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                          my log

                          Here's my log , i hope someone will find something...
                          It's bad without winamp , i used it for ages
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                            Your malware items are:

                            F3 - REG:win.ini: run=

                            O20 - Winlogon Notify: wineil32 - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\wineil32.dll

                            Again, I'm not sure if you can easily remove O20 Winlogon items too easily with HijackThis, though you might be able to do it in Safe Mode.

                            However, I also suggest that you take it to one of those specialized security forums that I referred to in my first reply above...

                            wineil32.dll is a backdoor Rootkit/Haxdoor trojan

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                              Thanks for the info DJ Egg! I'm going to try to remove this file. Or maybe I'll do an XP reinstall Thanks for help!