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  • 'Now Playing' starts on its own

    Hi there,

    Ever since I installed the new version, it's automatic shifts have been bugging the hell out of me.

    For instance, I like to run Winamp with the smaller view, all the windows collapsed. If I do that, start my music, and god forbid minimize it, the next time I click on it, everything expands, and it goes right to "Now Playing" and the Internet feature.

    If I do have everything expanded, I keep it on "Local Media" and if I open a browser or document or whatever in front of Ainamp, when I go back to it, it shifts automatically, again, to "Now Playing."

    Is there anyway to shut this off so the player stays how I set it?!

    Thanks in advance!

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    So, let me ask this...

    Do you happen to have Notifications enabled? (the Song Info pop-up box that could appear during song changes)

    If so, then perhaps that is causing the issue. Even though that behavior "should" only happen if "Open Now Playing on Click" is enabled in Notifications, when clicking on the Notifier, it could be effecting you in the way you indicated also. So, UNcheck that option and see if it resolves the issue...

    Bento/Big Bento skin > Options menu > Notifications
    Check or UNcheck "Open Now Playing on Click" (as needed - in your case, UNcheck it and see if it helps)


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