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AVG killed my Winamp

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  • AVG killed my Winamp

    After trying to open up winamp, my avg ant-virus popped up a window saying it was detecting winamp as a trojan, I clicked 'heal' and since then whenever I try to open winamp I just get the "an error has occurred, send/don't send." I've already tried updating both my avg and winamp, any advice?

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    EXACTLY the same here. Nothing helps, even a clean install doesn't.


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      [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
      THE FIX IS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Originally posted by Asser
      EXACTLY the same here. Nothing helps, even a clean install doesn't.
      Same with me, ive tried all the clean install and tried older versions. Nothing stops winamp from crashing on start up. I have no idea what to do, and the people in my ventrilo are getting cranky because their music is gone
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        THE FIX IS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        that is what i get when i open and version of win amp after clean install and all types of troubleshooting
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          Temporary solution (until AVG fixes their virus definitions):

          1. Re-install latest version of Winamp.

          2. Right-click AVG icon in lower-right corner of screen.

          3. Click Open AVG User Interface.

          4. Click the Tools menu, then click Advanced Settings.

          5. Click Exceptions under the Resident Shield section.

          6. Click Add Path.

          7. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Winamp (or the path where you've installed Winamp)

          8. Click OK.

          9. Click OK.

          10. Run Winamp.


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            Thanks alot! Should have known this a bit earlier though, now I've lost all my playlists.


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              THANKS SO MUCH, thank god i backed up my lists.

              Still avg should fix this.


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                Thanks alot!!! Really!!! You are a life saver!!! I reg. just for this problem!!!


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                  Hey, everyone. I have concerns about having my AVG Antivirus ignore this. I'm a huge fan of Winamp and have been using it since it was version 1.

                  The DLL file that gets hit on, zlib.dll, should not be hit on if there is nothing wrong with it. I have versions of that file in other, very legitimate programs, and AVG does not hit on those versions of the file. When I tried to investigate what version was being used by Winamp, AVG kept notifying that it had the trojan SHeur.CLZE infecting it. If it were a problem with a false hit on that DLL file in general, why doesn't AVG detect a virus in the versions found in other program folders.

                  I think that the makers of Winamp might just have a problem here, and it's possibly one that they don't know about. I certainly don't believe that they intentionally included a file that has a virus in it. But what if someone got past their server's security and infected the file?

                  I hope that the makers of Winamp read these posts. I for one will be going with a different media player for now.


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                    Same here, I registered as I experienced this problem like others. Thanks so much Peretz!


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                      And I registered too, and found this problem and the workaround here.

                      The workaround lets Winamp work fine.

                      I'm also, though, concerned about this issue. I'd like to see someone involved in Winamp address it, as I'm not altogether comfortable at telling AVG to ignore this. I am slightly more relieved that it only seems to affect AVG, and not other anti-virus least that I can see from here.


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                        Hey guys, having the same problem here, but one step further.

                        I have tried to re-download the installation program 5 times now and every time, weather AVG is closed or not, it pops up telling me that inside the installer the virus exists. It seems that Microsoft Office is the culprit here; it coincides with AVG and monitors all activity, even when its not open. This is quite irritating as I cant do the fix if the program is not installed.

                        Even when I press ignore, AVG still removes the file from my desktop.

                        Any solutions? I need to be able to use my Shoutcast!



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                          Submitted file to AVG was the only av program of the 36 used that reported any problem. Sounds like a false positive!


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                            I dunno

                            I don't think it's winamp, as I got this same exact problem just after updating AVG this morning (after restarting winamp).

                            Since AVG ganked the zlib.dll file into the virus vault, winamp, of course, would no longer launch [w/ drwatson error reporting bs]. Reinstalling from the same installer package ( I'd installed winamp from in the first place, first part of install went thru, then on first run (where you might normally reconfigure [preferences/skins/talkback/file associations] it triggered the same AVG resident shield warning.

                            If it was winamp, it probably would have triggered this in the intervening weeks since I'd installed winamp, especially if it were Heuristically detecting a threat

                            (I'm guessing from the name "SHeu.CLZE" that it may indicate one of those B.S. titles they give for a malware which is heuristcally suspicious, but not detected as a signature for a known threat)

                            I dunno, this just feels like a false positive since the avg update, but I'm reticent to allow exceptions generally, so I guess I'll just wait for a little bit to see what this turns out to be.

                            Just curious, each of you who've gotten this, what are the version numbers you're currently running with?

                            mine are:
                            AVG: 8.0.173
                            DEF: 270.7.5/1701
                            Lic: Free


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                              I am going to retract my suspicions about Winamp's file.

                              First off, I agree with dorkus23. I believe that this occurred after the most recent definitions were added to AVG.

                              Secondly, I did three online scans from reputable anti virus vendors (Trend Micro, BitDefender, and Kaspersky). All three scanned the Winamp zlib.dll file specifically, and none of the three detected a problem with it.

                              I do, however, still find it odd that there is no version information on that file when you check its properties as is usually the case with several other .dll files that I have checked, including other versions of that specific name.

                              But, oh well. I've taken the dive and have made AVG ignore it. My vote is back with Winamp.