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Write files to a single mp3?

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  • Koopatrooper
    You could transcode the wave file with the transcoder. If i can remember, there was also an out_lame in the past, which could directly write MP3 files.

    But the best solution is to convert the Wav file to MP3.

    Drag the wav file(s), which was/were created by the Diskwriter to the playlist editor --> right click --> send to --> format converter.

    You must be a registered Winamp pro user, to use the MP3 encoder or simply use another tool for transcoding.

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  • SoundfFreak
    started a topic Write files to a single mp3?

    Write files to a single mp3?

    I can write several files to one wav file using the Nullsoft disk writer, but can't find a way to write into a single mp3 file. Is there a way to do this in one step? If not It would be helpful if mp3 was added to the single file option or single file to the conversion option.