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How to copy the media library to a notebook?

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  • How to copy the media library to a notebook?

    First I want to say sorry for my awful English!
    I have one problem:
    I use a desktop-pc with Winamp 5.541 and want to copy the media library with all the entrys to a notebook. But I don't know in which files the ml is.
    It were a great pleasure if you can helb me!
    Thanks for all!
    Kiri from Germany

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    main.dat is the library's database
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      Thanks, I got it!!!


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        Specific help

        I copied this file (main.dat) from my 1st pc that has my ML on it to my 2nd pc that I want to get the ML on. The 2nd pc still says no files in ML. Do I need to do something else? Thanks


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          Assuming the paths/filenames are exactly the same for all media files (it won't work otherwise),
          you'd need to copy the following:


          %appdata%\winamp\plugins\ml\main.dat & main.idx
          plus the matching met****.vmd files (as referenced in gen_ml.ini)

          and that's just for the Local Media views

          History view = recent.dat & recent.idx

          Playlists = playlists.xml & matching plf****.m3u8 files

          Podcast Dir = feeds.xml (subscriptions) & rss.xml (downloads)

          Probably not wise to copy anything else
          (eg. ml_online.ini, art*.dat/idx, cdrom.vmd, default.vmd, bookmark.vmd, cache & omServices subfolders),
          as all those will be created by default anyway.

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            Thanks DJ Egg! That seemed to work! I also DJ and copying the ML saves lots of time when I setup a new laptop.