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  • Main Window Bug

    I just recently installed Winamp 2.74 but there is a bug that I found with my Main Window. After I open up Winamp, everything is fine, but if I minimize it and then try to maximize it, about 3/4 of the window has disappeared! I have 2.74 on two computers, and the other computer works fine with it. The only complication I could think of is my Soundblaster 5.1... It also has nothing to do with my skin, because it happens with other skins too. I have a picture of what the Winamp looks like.

    Hope you can tell me what to do or fix the problem.

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    Maybe you should try to download the new 2.75.I dont think your SB Live!DE 5.1 is causing the problem cos Im using that sound card currently and it work fine.However if you think that likely causes is your sound card, then uninstall/reinstall DE 5.1 again or..another way is to uninstall 2.74 from your computer and if the Winamp folder is still in your C:, delete it manually before you install 2.75.

    The other reason I can think of is maybe your skin.Try to change to another one then switch back to the old one again.I hope its work..

    Im not trying to discourage you from using Winamp but if the above still fails,then consult DJEgg or change it to another Mp3 program..Sonique is another good catch


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      Argghhh, no, don't get Sonique, whatever you do!

      Try this:
      Close Winamp
      Goto C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins
      (or the equiv if you installed to another dir)
      Remove the file : gen_nomad.dll

      Basically, gen_nomad.dll is a General Purpose plugin which is placed in the Winamp\Plugins dir by the SBLive/Audigy PlayCenter installation.
      This is a known issue, and I can't believe that Creative Labs are still getting away with it!

      btw, there are no General Purpose plugins included in the default Winamp setup.
      If there are any other files named gen_*.dll, temporarily disable them by renaming them with the .off extension, eg.
      [important update, see below]*

      Hope this helps.

      If you can't see any DLL files in the Winamp\Plugins dir,
      goto: Windows Folder Options -> View tab
      Uncheck "Hide extensions for known filetypes"
      Checkmark: Show hidden files/Show all files (NOT: Do not show hidden files)
      DLL's are classed as hidden/system files under Window's default setup.
      All of Winamp's plugins (default or extra) are DLL files.
      It is recommended that inexperienced users change these settings back afterwards.

      pps. You can also also delete CtnPluginRes.crl which is associated/installed with gen_nomad.dll

      [Edited by DJ Egg on 06-17-2001 at 08:33 PM]

      [Update: Dec 2003]

      Note that in Winamp 5.0 there are now some gen_*.dll files included in the default setup. The following are Nullsoft 1st-party plugins and certified as safe:

      gen_ml.dll (Winamp Media Library)
      gen_ff.dll (Modern/Freeform Skin Support)
      gen_hotkeys.dll (Global Hotkeys)
      gen_tray.dll (System Tray Controls)
      gen_jumpex.dll (Jump To File Extra)

      Also note that in Winamp 2.9x and 5.x
      you can now delete gen plugins via the Winamp interface
      (Prefs -> Plugins -> General Purpose -> plugin -> uninstall)
      Though I'm not 100% sure if gen_nomad.dll even shows up in this menu...

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        Yep, that was the problem :P
        You the man!
        Those evil bastards at Creative!
        Thanks again.


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            I was having the same problem, but I deleted the gen_nomad.dll and now all is well, thanks DJEgg


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              I've just submitted a formal complaint at the feedback site & have demanded an explanation of some sort. Whether they'll respond remains to be seen. I'll let you all know how it goes.
              In the meantime, if anyone else would like to do likewise, the url is:
              The Sound Blaster product range has an audio upgrade solution – internal and external—for every setup. Don’t stop at stunning visuals. Redefine your audio experience with Sound Blaster.

              Basically, this is getting way out of hand & has to stop!
              There has now been just too many known cases reported, on these forums alone.
              Imagine how many people (who haven't bothered to check the forums) might've trashed Winamp by now, by thinking it's a Winamp bug & not a 3rd party plugin to blame . . . especially when it's a plugin that the average person won't even know has been installed.
              Totally outrageous, totally evil!
              Yes, Creative certainly have some explaining to do!

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                Keep a gun in your computer-desk drawer. If you feel the sudden compulsion to try out Sonique, you know what to do


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                  Thank you! That fixed my problem too. Geez and to think I was starting to loose faith in Winamp... Anyway, that's been driving me nuts for quite some time now.

                  Just FYI, I was having another related problem which is now fixed. I have Winamp in my Systray only and when I minimized it would not restore. I had to restart Winamp every time. Anyway, that was the problem!

                  Thanks again!


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                    An entirely new issue with CreativeLabs/SBLive has just been unearthed here:
                    Have Shoutcast questions or suggestions? Want to help a fellow Shoutcaster or Listener? Come on in!

                    Shock, horror . . . It's been revealed that now they've decided to also install a replacement MP3 Codec on your system which overrides the default Fraunhofer codec. Typically, this codec (CTMP3.ACM) doesn't work with Shoutcast and produces the dreaded ACM Stream Error message instead

                    The plot thickens!

                    btw, I've received a reply from a CreativeLabs technician regarding the gen_nomad.dll issue (4 seperate e-mails so far), and I'll be posting the final results here within the next few days. I'll probably include the entire session, word for word, no edits!

                    No folks, you've not mistakedly entered the Random Rumor Mill forum . . . believe it or not, you're still in Bug Reports, and this kinda shit is really going down!

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                      OK, here's the lowdown:

                      Too big to include here (11kb), full text version here:

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                        wow.. you got an email form a real live person!!!
                        missyob made me post this.


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                          Thanks for that fix! You are my hero for today. I NEW the SB software was to blame! *en nomad. >:{

                          I sent them a quick email with that link you posted:

                          There is a known problem with your SB live Entertainment card. I had the same problem as listed below.
                          Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

                          Please do not modify/destroy other programs in the future. You should warn users before modifying some thing you don't own. I nearly returned the card thinking the software was faulty. I am lucky others have fixed this problem that should never have occured.

                          I have removed any thing related to nomad from my system and i will be avoiding any hardware/software with the nomad name in the future.


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                            Thanks for the fix...

                            Yea man, Winamp is my musical life every friday and saturday night. Mixing and grooving and jammin. Uh- oh all of a sudden my time doesn't work, and I can't see me cool little lights flashing. BASTARDS at SB. I sent em a "I'm on Strike" letter. They better not try to take MY Winamp away!



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                              I was seeing the problem of my time and and Scope not working, and my seek slider bar wasn't moving. Disabling these gen_*.dlls did the trick (I've got a SBLive Platinum). I was lost..thanks for posting the fix. All is right with my WinAmp again. I couldn't even fathom the thought of going to another player.