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Podcast files have many fragments

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  • Podcast files have many fragments

    I've noticed that most of the podcasts I download are, when analyzing files with my defragmenting software, in up to 200 fragments each. Most are about 150 fragments or so. I think this is not only inefficient, but it probably slows the program down quite a bit. Is this a winamp issue other people experience? (Defraggler is the program I use)

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    I should imagine that Winamp uses standard Windows functions, or maybe even the C/C++ standard library functions for writing files so if they are inefficient, blame the people who wrote them.

    Yes, writing and reading fragmented files is slower due to the seeking involved but that should not cause a problem on playback because of the magic of buffering.

    Anyway, there is no way for users to alter Winamp's behaviour towards writing files.
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