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Plugins and voodoo3 video card

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  • Plugins and voodoo3 video card

    I recently reformatted my hard drive and I forgot what I had done in the past to get the winamp visualization plugins to use my voodoo3 video card. Plugins like the christmas dancer are running really slow and choppy, does onyone know how to configure winamp or my video card so that my visualizations will run as smooth as they used to.

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    Before you fool around with Winamp itself get the latest version of DirectX and the latest drivers for your voodoo card.


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      I thought the same thing

      Yeah, i already did that, i thought that would fix it but it did not. thanks though. =)


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        Interesting... must be a specific problem with the chipset used in the series of voodoo card that you have.


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          No, its not that either dude

          I've had it working before and I still have the same video card and everything, there's like a driver or a setting that I'm forgetting to get and its really annoying because I knows its possible I just cant get it.


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            16-bit color mode?

            The Voodoo chipset up till the Voodoo3 only supports 16-bit 3D rendering. Check if your desktop bit-depth is set to that mode.

            Steven Wittens