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Problem switching off proxy for gracenote DB/autotag feature

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  • Problem switching off proxy for gracenote DB/autotag feature

    Hi all,

    when I was behind a firewall I set up proxy in Winamp properties to access Gracenote DB and autotagging worked fine. Now I moved to direct connection to internet where the proxy is not available. I deleted proxy name in Winamp properties, everything works fine except for autotag feature. It still remebers the old proxy setting. So if I go back to the place behind the firewall/proxy, autotag works even if the proxy is not specified any more.

    I tried to uninstall Winamp, removed c:\program files\winamp directory and reinstalled again. Still the proxy "is there" somewhere.

    How to get rid of the hidden proxy setting for autotag feature?
    It is not possible to change proxy setting correctly which seems to be Winamp bug. I believe it can be demonstrated with any proxy.

    I am on latest Winamp 5.551


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    Hmm... strange.

    I guess Gracenote must be storing it somewhere...

    Try replacing %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\System\gracenote.w5s with this version, and let us know if it fixes it:

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        I replaced the file, restarted Winamp but the problem persists.

        I noticed that your file and mine are of the same size but the content is different. I think that it must have been stored somewhere else because when I reinstalled Winamp (and I tried that several times already) I made sure that I delete Winamp dir too. Might it be somewhere in Windows registry? I tried to search for the string with the name of the proxy but I could not find it anywhere :-(



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          I'm not sure where Gracenote stores it.
          (note that Gracenote just gives us their dll's, we don't actually code any of it).

          At a guess it'll be either somewhere in the registry, or maybe in the Winamp settings folder.
          Did you also wipe %appdata%\winamp before reinstalling, in addition to %programfiles%\winamp?
          I don't think it writes to winamp.ini, but I'm not sure, to be honest....

          What's your Windows OS?

          And is it the same for other Gracenote features, eg. CDDB, or is it just Autotag?

          Hmm, though yeah, back to the drawing board.
          Thanks for testing/confirming.
          We'll keep looking into it...

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            I spent some time trying to find where the proxy for gracenote comes from but no luck.

            I reinstalled again. Directory %appdata%\winamp is deleted automatically by the installer so I need not to do anything with it.

            You are right that Winamp stores proxy setting to winamp.ini. But the question is where gracenote takes it from. It is definetely not winamp.ini. I can change proxy to anything - Gracenote ignores it. I can even delete the row in winamp.ini - no change

            I downloaded and ran Process Monitor on Winamp and then searched for proxy string but I did not see any suspicious file where it can be stored. Neither registry entry/key.

            Since this utility logs network access too, it showed access to proxy (when I was behind the firewall). Winamp did not even bother to send request to the proxy when I am directly connected. If I change proxy, it ignores it too. I mean Winamp takes it into account and behaves correctly based on proxy setting on or off. But not the Gracenote part.

            Please note that I switched off all proxies in Windows network setting in case it could take it from there.

            I use Windows XP SP2

            I do not know how to use CDDB from Winamp.

            I think that somebody who knows how Gracenote DDL interacts with Winamp should look at this problem.

            I am giving up now...



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              Yes, we've looked and are still looking into it...
              But if it turns out to be something that only Gracenote can fix,
              then we'll have to wait for them to send us the new DLL(s).

              To use Gracenote CDDB in Winamp, simply insert an Audio CD into your CD/DVD Drive,
              go to: Winamp -> Media Library -> CD Drive view
              and it should automatically try to retrieve the disc info from CDDB.

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                I have the same problem. It's well annoying.
                I changed the proxy when I was at college, so I could tag some music.
                Took it home, took the proxy off and I can no longer tag my music with gracenote.
                I've reinstalled winamp countless times.
                Hope you can find a fix soon.


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                  Auto tag proxy

                  I have the same problem, any idea?
                  Tank you


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                    I was in exactly the same situation, having a proxy and later a direct connection. This is indeed a very strange bug, fortunately I found a solution by digging around a little bit.

                    First, I saw that it was working with other user accounts, running Winamp for the very first time. Then I simply deleted the all the Registry-Stuff under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CDDB. After this, Winamp could fetch the titles again, but not automatically. I had to invoke this with Alt-3 each time. Thus I decided to reinstall Winamp just another time. Finally, everything is back in business again.


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                      Could someone who's still got the problem please do the following:

                      Go to: Start -> Run
                      Type: regedit
                      Hit Enter

                      Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CDDB

                      Right-click CDDB and select 'Export'

                      Save it as CDDB.txt, or zip up CDDB.reg
                      and attach it to a post here.


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                        Here it is
                        Attached Files


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                          Hmm, that's not much different to what I've got in my registry, so I guess it must cache the proxy info along with all other data/settings somewhere in the encrypted UserInfo string...

                          Still not sure what to do...
                          Sure, we could delete that reg string during installation and let it be recreated from fresh when the cddb dll's get registered, or we could just wait for Gracenote to send us a fixed dll....


                          Does deleting that reg key also fix the problem for you?

                          Note, you should only need to delete the "UserInfo" string:
                          "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CDDB\Control\2.5" -> "UserInfo"

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                            Yes, the solution is to remove or rename key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CDDB\Control\2.5
                            then restart Winamp. CDDB works without proxy now. No need to reinstall Winamp.



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                              Same problem (and solution) with me.