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can't play Aiff Files on winamp

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  • can't play Aiff Files on winamp

    hi i download a .aiff music file and it wont play on winamp

    i've tried this solution but doesn't work for me

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    Add AIF and AIFF extensions to the NullSoft DirectShow decoder (Options -> Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Input -> in_dshow.dll -> Configure

    Note It work great on Itunes

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    The thread you linked to is 3 years old.

    Undo what you did with in_dshow config.

    Go to Waveform Decoder (in_wave.dll) -> config
    and make sure aiff is selected (highlighted) in the list.

    If the extension is aif or aifc, then you'll need to add those to the "Additional Extensions" field.

    If the problem persists, then we'll need a sample .aiff test file...

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      Winamp does have default aif/aiff support in the Waveform Decoder plugin (in_wave.dll).

      Ctrl+P > Plug-ins > Input > Nullsoft Waveform Decoder > is Aiff highlighted/selected in the list?

      Can you provide a link to the page where you got the aiff file?

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        ok ty all
        the music file when you right click it for properties it shows its an aiff file

        but when i open it with sony sound forge it was an aif file

        so i've added an extra extension for .aif and its working PERFECTLY

        Thx all

        [Edit]:<DJ Egg > at least i did search before i typed the topic lol