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Crash with Send-To-Menu

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  • Crash with Send-To-Menu

    Hello all,

    I recently changed my OS to Windows 7, and Winamp seems to work mostly fine for except for one problem: everytime I rightclick a file from the media library or the playlist, and the mouse cursor as much as touches the "Send to" item, Winamp totally freezes, as does the whole system. The mouse doesn't move anymore, sound is a 1/2 second loop, the keyboard doesn't respond etc. The only left to do is using the computer's reboot button.

    I have no extra plugins installed, this happens even with a fresh, clean install with an empty (except for the default content) library. To be honest, this drives me nuts. Even if I don't want to use the send-to functions, you sometimes just inadvertently move the mouse along the menu items to get to the function you need, and boom goes the dynamite once you hit the "send-to".

    OS: Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100
    Winamp: v5.552 Build 2460 (at the time of this posting, this is the very latest version)
    Soundcard: On-board Realtek HD
    Videocard: GeForce 9600 GT GS

    Thanks for any help and tips,

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    Windows 7 is not supported currently. That being said...
    full uninstall and reinstall
    Information required when posting


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      Originally posted by Sawg
      Windows 7 is not supported currently.
      I understand your comment concerning the Windows 7 compatibility. But, reading all over the forum how Winamp seems to be working just fine for many Win7 users, I figured there had to be a solution.

      Originally posted by Sawg
      full uninstall and reinstall
      Like I said in my first post, the problem also arises after a totally clean and fresh install.

      Originally posted by Sawg
      Information required when posting
      I think I gave all the information needed in my first post (software, hardware, problem description ...). Anything I missed?


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        I also using Windows 7 and having the same problem. =/
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          Ok, nevermind... I've figured it out.

          I've just disabled the Daemon Tools virtual drive and the 'Send To' menu has stopped crashing.


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            Wow, that tipp was worth gold. I had indeed activated a Daemon Tools virtual drive. Deactivated it, worked like a charm for me. Thanks a lot, linnus.

            Now, of course, I hope someone might know if there is a solution for this to get both programs working together.


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              I observed this behaviour too.... with "Virual Clone Drive" in Windows 7(x64).

              thanks for your hint, is working fine now


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                Please people help me if you can! I have the same problem but in Windows XP SP3, so I didn't want to open a whole new thread about this subject. When I just as much as hover the mouse pointer over a "Send to " menu item, Winamp totally freezes up!
                First time after that happens, I am still able to kill it through task manager, but if I try it again, then Winamp stays "stuck for good" on desktop, and the only solution is to reboot PC.
                Considering previous posts, I want to mention that I have one "DVD-RAM drive" in Win Explorer, but I didn't have this "freezing" issue up until few days ago.
                What could have gone wrong suddenly?!


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                  GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

                  Same problem, Same Solution...
                  I lost all my Media Library with this Crash...
                  I tested the solution and everything back to work.
                  In my case, the Virtual Drive was the UltraISO thing.

                  Please, winamp programmers, solve this because today is almost impossible wonder using a PC without the Virtual Drivers!

                  OS: Windows 7 (x86)

                  Lot of thanks!


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                    Looks like its a problem with the Rip & Burn plug-in and Virtual Disc Drivers. Uninstalling either will prevent the crash.

                    EDIT: Should have checked this earlier, but its mainly the Sonic Engine. Playing a music CD with Sonic Engine, opening the "Send to:" Menu with Rip & Burn installed along with a Virtual Disc Driver and possibly using the Rip and Burn Features will Lock up Windows 7 (Seven) forced to manually restart.

                    Disabling Sonic Engine in the Nullsoft CD Plug-in (in_cdda.dll) and Uninstalling the Nullsoft Rip & Burn plug-in (ml_disc.dll) will prevent the Lockups. I guess until the Sonic engine is updated for Windows 7.
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                      Truth Unknown, you are my new hero! I've been trying to find a solution to this for many weeks now and finally stumbled upon this thread. Thank you so much!


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                        Only on one computer

                        I have been using Windows 7 business for a while on my multimedia computer and have had no problem with this. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on another computer and it locked up with the send to immediately. When I uninstalled all virtual drives it stopped locking up. Problem is I need a virtual drive for lots of reasons. Anyone know of a virtual drive that doesn't do this?

                        If I disable the sonic engine will that work with a virtual drive installed?



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                          Remove in_cdda.dll & mi_disc.dll from the plugins directory to stop it crashing.
                          Too much is never enough...


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                            You are the Man!

                            Yes sir, that did the trick. Very cool, thanks very much!


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                              Basically you have to remove the Pro functionality to make it work with Windows 7.