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Winamp destroyed my recent files lists in Windows 7

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  • Winamp destroyed my recent files lists in Windows 7

    Soon after installing Windows 7 x64 Professional RTM (build 7600) I installed winamp. Only some time later I noticed that it completely and utterly destroyed my recent files lists in terms of audio files.

    Well, maybe not utterly, but surely fudged them up.

    For starters, for some reason winamp lacks an expandable recent files list in the start menu, which is available for pretty much any other program. The only way I can achieve a recent files list for it is to use the taskbar integration plugin, but then all files are listed two times, and there's still no expandable list (arrow next to the program name in the start menu), only one under right-click on the taskbar icon. And it'll still stop working after some time, usually days, and only wiping the recent files folder restores it there.

    Secondly, WMP11 doesn't register audio files in its recent files list. When installing Winamp I told it to be the default player for all audio files, so the two facts are clearly connected. Even if I change WMP11 to be the default program for the audio files it supports, it still won't display them in the recent list.

    Thirdly, VLC, for some reason, works just fine, as in shows any kind of file in its recent files list.

    Now, the question is, how can I fix it? I looked through the registry, but I can't find anything relevant that would have an easy to spot flaw. So far the only thing noticed that Winamp creates registry keys for fall back handling of extensions as Winamp_Back, while most programs create <Program>.backup. Tried changing that, no effect, restored to the previous state.

    Thanks in advance.


    Ps. Winamp version 5.56 with the trial DFX audio enhancer and the Taskbar integration plugin 1.12