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shell32.dll error

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  • shell32.dll error

    when I boot up the WinAMP 5.57 on my Windows 2000 system I get this message:

    "the procedure entry point SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll"

    When I click "OK", WinAMP operates as normal, but I want to know what's causing this error message to open and how to stop it from appearing. Is there something I can manually remove to stop this from appearing?
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    Alas, the SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems function requires WinXP or higher (ie. it's not supported on Win2k).

    Jump To File Ext v1.07 (gen_jumpex.dll) uses it in 5.57, as does the Find File on Disk plugin (gen_ffod.dll) from the EP.

    DrO is aware of the issue and hopes to resolve it shortly.... watch this space...

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      both dlls have been internally fixed and i'll release updated installers tomorrow night (unless a newer distro update happens first). just haven't the time now to sort out installers, etc on my end as need some sleep

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