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Playlist wiped out every startup since 5.572 update

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  • Playlist wiped out every startup since 5.572 update

    Every time I close and reopen, the previous playlist is gone. It never happened before with any release and occurred right after installation. No error messages. Using Windows Vista and a classic-based skin. Everything else loads normally and like it was before closing.

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    Same thing Here

    Every time I close winamp it loses half or more of my playlist and I have to re enqueue everything. Didn't used to do this with older versions of winamp. I have winamp installed on three computers all of which have the same issue! EXAMPLE: Winamp is open and I have all my music loaded in playlist... 38832 tracks... I am done listening and stop the player, then close winamp. Next time I open winamp only 112 tracks loaded.... This never happened before 5.5 winamp. Any Idea whats going On??? I am getting annoyed with it. As I am sure are others!


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      Make sure %appdata%\winamp\winamp.m3u8 doesn't have the read-only attribute.

      Make sure the Winamp shortcut you're using to open Winamp with just points to winamp.exe and nor some playlist file.

      Remove 3rd-party plugins.

      Problem persists? Then we need more info, including a "List of Plugins":
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        There is no winamp.m3u8 file; there's only a folder by that name and it contains a file named rotation.m3u8, which seems to be tied to the mp3 bundle. I checked the box "add bundled mp3s to playlist", so that's maybe the problem?

        Did an uninstall and reinstall without the bundle. Works now!


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          Hmm, sounds like a bug in the bundle installer code.

          Just delete that winamp.m3u8 folder.
          Winamp will then automatically create the winamp.m3u8 playlist file next time you close it.

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