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WinAmp 5.572 Fails to Start After Upgrade

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    Back with a new XP boot-up in the morning...
    first thing I notice is Ampy Agent gleaming at me from Tasky as it was before but this time double clicked to find Ampy up and shiny on me desky, and not "error failed to load appy"...

    gen_msn7.dll is the plug-in and its back in and working...

    checked the various skins on the Ampy and all seems OK!...

    So I went from not being able to start Ampy to running it like nothing happened and all is forgiven kissy kissy...

    What was that about WinAmpy?
    you went drama queen pshyclo for a monthy


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      @DJ Egg
      Yes, I can confirm that Winamp is not running in Compatibility Mode. Sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous post. I also tried adding the Winamp directory in the exclusion list of AVG but nothing different happenned.

      To verify I moved the 3 DLLs you mentionned as suspicious and I still had the same crash. As for lame_enc.dll, I actually put it there manually. It comes from Audacity.

      I also checked what was the "Update.exe" entry... and the {3B1508EA-0AE9-3084-0525-050112050002} directory was empty. Guess it was just a leftover entry in the registry. In any case I deleted the directory and will clean the registry soon of that entry (I need to do a major cleanup of startup programs).

      I'm surprised about burnlib.dll and primosdk.DLL because they shouldn't be there at all based on your comments. I'll try doing a clean install soon and I'll post the results.

      I was able to load MSVCR90.dll in Dependency Walker (and indeed it is only dependent to kernel32.dll).

      As for AVG, the only way to completely disable it is to uninstall it. I might try it as a last resort if all else fails.


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        OK so I uninstalled Winamp and all of my plugins, and then I deleted what was remaining in the Winamp directory. After a clean install, I am happy to report that IT FINALLY WORKS!

        However that didn't explained why it wasn't working before, so I opened winamp.exe with Dependency Walker, and guess what? MSVCR90.DLL is now detected correctly!

        I then opened the Winamp directory in order to understand what was happening and then it struck me. There was a major difference, and it explains everything:


        Directly upgrading Winamp does not remove old files but rather overwrites them. This usually results in no trouble because obsolete files are simply not used by the updated application. However, manifest files are actually used by the operating system, so the previous reasoning does not apply. I believe this is what caused the MSVCR90.DLL crash.

        Can somebody else verify if deleting winamp.exe.manifest indeed fixes the problem in order to confirm my theory?


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          It works

          I can confirm that deleting the winamp.exe.manifest file fixed the problem I was having with MSVCR90.dll being reported missing.


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            Wow, afaik, we haven't used an external winamp.exe.manifest file for ages, maybe not since pre-5.1x days.

            The manifest has been embedded inside winamp.exe for at least the past 5+ years.

            So yup, that would explain it...

            I'll add it to the list of files to remove by the installer for the next release.

            Thanks, and hallelujah!

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              well that all makes sense then with the OS will use the external file instead of the built-in manifest file and explains why the msvc directory wasn't being included in the search path as it was being told to effectively ignore it (oh how i love those manifest files, heh).

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                w00t, glad to help!


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                  i think it's more that we're just glad to have finally worked it out incase it manifests (no pun intended) itself on other client installs.

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                    Still have MSVCR90.dll error.

                    Hold on one moment.
                    I installed Winamp 5.552 on a new XP sp3 install. I get the now famous MSVCR90.dll message.
                    I have no winamp.exe.manifest file on the system.
                    If I click through the error messages my Winamp will come up and work, but the message are very annoying.
                    I also have no antivirus program installed at this time.
                    I do not see this problem as fixed at this time.


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                      5.552 is not supported.
                      Did you mean 5.572?

                      Please attach your list of plugins (see my first post above).

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                        Yes I said 5.552 failed.

                        I read throught the entire thread and saw that 5.56 worked so I tried 5.552 which I had running on another pc with XP sp2 with no problem. Well 5.552 did not work on XP sp3. I got the error message about the ddl.
                        I went and got 5.572 to give it a shot and low and behold it loaded and is working just fine. I guess the problem is fixed in 5.572. Eureka !!
                        Thanks guys.


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                          I had the same MSVCR90.dll missing error.

                          go to
                          C:\Program Files\Winamp

                          delete WINAMP.EXE.MANIFEST

                          Start winamp

                          done Thanks for the help people
                          Maybe we should update more often... lol


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                            Ah! Solutions can be so easy as deleting one file. Finally I could update from 5.56 to the current 5.572.
                            Thanks everybody


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                              Thanks a lot, that helped