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  • Main Window missing

    OK i m using Winamp 5.04 on Windows Vista with Modern Skin...
    now i have tweaked Winamp in such a way that
    1) i have made Playlist Editor and Main Window in Windowshade Mode
    2) both of them are 'Always on Top' and 'Not docked' with 'Easy Move'

    now suddenly i can't view Main Window, inspite of using Alt + W and other options... Playlist Editor is visible... all the other settings are set to Default

    Please help me get Main Window back

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    From Common Issues section of the Troubleshooters Sticky...

    Windows (main, ml, pl, etc) disappearing off screen:
    The 'disappearing off screen' link has "recovery" and prevention tips.
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      found the answer!!!

      "If using a Modern skin and all windows are docked but the main window is offscreen, then hold down the Alt key first, then drag one of the other visible windows (eg. playlist or ml) and then you should be able to drag all windows (including main) back on screen together"