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just another linux and winamp question

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  • just another linux and winamp question

    Recently I completely removed windows from my duel booted computer and switched over to unbuntu only. My friend found it rather amusing that i wanted to continue using winamp as opposed to the multitude of linux music players available. When i attempted to run winamp with wine it worked perfectly until i closed it and went to reopen it. it didn't store any settings or music. So I am wondering is there a work around for this, like maybe just leaving winamp open all the time (except i am sure a restart would close it).

    It isn't really all that important really except i like to push the limits sometimes and do things that aren't technically supposed to work and I kinda prefer winamp to other players i have tried. So with that being said If it isn't possible to get it to work does anyone know a really good substitute for winamp.

    I'm just a girl with out much technical knowledge, but I really like trying to figure things out and so far I have had really good luck in doing the impossible. And it's fun to push my computer to the limits too. Some helpful links would be great.


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    Go to the directory where Winamp is located and delete the Paths.ini file.
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