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Bocking Itunes support

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  • Bocking Itunes support

    I am considering purchase of the latest release. Currently using sponsored mode on an older version but have the loot to support winamp and would like to do so, with one caveat...

    I see that one off the latest feature additions is itunes library import.

    I neither use nor support Apple in any way and do not want any Apple addons incorporated into my safe, working Windows system. Can the itunes library import feature be disabled at installation using the installation routine provided with winamp?


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    yes it can be disabled though it's more of a generic xml based database reader which happens to be what iTunes uses (which some people find useful for exporting, changing filepaths and then re-importing after system changes or just as a backup method.

    it is under Winamp Library -> Database Import/Export Tool on the components page of the installer.

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      thanks DrO. sounds good.

      thanks for the reply and info