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Winamp Autoplay for Media Devices - Windows 7

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  • Winamp Autoplay for Media Devices - Windows 7

    Hello Guys,
    In first, it is a pleasure to share my ideas and doubts with you guys that enjoy Winamp as much as I do enjoy!!

    So, I have a doubt regarding the Autoplay in Windows 7:

    I Have a Sansa Fuze, that I manage with Winamp Library.
    When connecting my Fuze into the USB, Windows 7 Recognizes this and show me the options for AutoPlay this device. In this options, Winamp is not included (and that damn Windows Media Player is... )

    So, anyone has changed the autoplay settings to include winamp as one of the options?
    My Idea is to set the autoplay option to the same as when you inser a device and have the Winamp already opened: "Do you want to manage this device with Winamp"

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok... None ideas... :-(


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      win 7 and mp3 default NOT winamp

      First of all, I am extremely pleased with Forte Agent and your service.On this laptop (windows 7 professional) when I launch an mp3 file that
      I have downloaded, it automatically uses Windows Media. On my other
      two machines (Vista and XP) it uses my preferred WINAMP. Do you
      know of a way to make WINAMP my default mp3 player?
      --I would appreciate any answer sent to me also at wagner(at)
      Many thanks.