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Winamp Orgler login problems

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  • Winamp Orgler login problems


    I have a problem with the Winamp Orgler. Every time I try to login, It keep saying "log in failed" I cleared my browser cache and cookies but I still could not log in.

    Im using Winamp 5.55 and the only reason that I am not upgrading to the newest version is that I like using the Dashboard which is not in the newest version of Winamp.

    Im also using Windows 7.

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated because I really would like to be able to use the Orgler.

    Take care

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    i've no idea about the Orgler login issue (never used it and really don't see the point in such things anymore - used to use Audioscrobbler but i don't like how that has gone) but although dashboard (ml_dash) isn't provided in the distribution anymore, you can rename the plug-in to say ml_dashboard.dll and then it will be ignored by the installer checks (it does look like it'll remove ml_dash.dll if it finds it on install).

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