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mirrored images in shoutcast tv

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  • mirrored images in shoutcast tv

    Ok, when i try to stream stuff in shoutcast tv, the images are not only reversed, but inverted as well. As is, that requires me to watch it upside down if I want to watch at all, and if it has subtitles, forget it.

    I've tried reinstalling it, uninstalling and reinstalling just the Nsv Decoder plug-in, and rebooting first the winamp program, and then my whole computer, and still nothing's changed. I've already tried searching the boards for this and found no results that proved fruitful. help please?

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    come on guys, seriously nothing?


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      This problem usually occurs with old onboard graphics drivers


      SHOUTcast TV streams or videos play upside-down in Winamp 5.57x
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      If you can't find updated graphics drivers, then there's a new option in Winamp 5.58 -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Video:
      Vertcially flip videos (for compatibility with old graphics drivers)

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        Egg, I tried the inversion option, and my shoutcast is still upside down. it only seems to affect the shoutcast tv though. i load my videos on the hard drive, and it works perfectly. also, i have updated to the most recent drivers i can find


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          mirrored images in shoutcase tv

          I read the earlier threads about the upside down tv viewing ... and sounds like it was sorted out earlier by those who are confident in updating / downloading / understanding computer terms. (this does not help as I am unfamiliar with upgrading of drivers on computer, etc. )

          I tried the Control P on my updated WinAmp and that did nothing to change the tv position.

          ha - and, yes, i need a newer computer. That, at this time is not an option though and i am wondering if someone would be so kind as to direct me to find out what this computer's driver is - where to go and then how to update it - as i figure that is the problem. I had thought that it was a bug in WinAmp yet now realize it is my old computer.

          any assistance would be most kind and thx in advance, juni


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            Hi juni

            Go to Windows Start button > Run
            Type: dxdiag
            Hit Enter

            If you get a "Do you want to check if your drivers are digitally signed?" prompt, click "No"
            (well, you can click "Yes" if you want, just that it might take a while)

            Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to load.
            When loaded, click the "Save all information" button.

            Save dxdiag.txt and attach it to a new post in this thread.

            Hopefully, from this, we'll be able to determine your graphics card/chip info and check to see if there's any updated drivers available...

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