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Hover mouse over winamp to adjust volume

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  • Hover mouse over winamp to adjust volume

    Tell me somebody, is it possible to control winamp volume just hovering the mouse over inactive window and moving mouse wheel?

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    Do a forum search using 'Katmouse' as keyword.

    I use it for exactly that reason.
    The inactive window will need to be Main, Album Art or Video of course.



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      Thank you so much, but it didn't work for me. Maybe there are any settings I should have changed first? I added winamp.exe to the "Applications" tab in Katmouse properties and dragged the icon from the "Classes" tab to the Winamp window, it still did not help. Any thoughts?
      Oh, BTW, its laptop and I use touchpad.


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        Check for latest version here :

        mouse utility, wheel utility, mouse wheel, mouse wheel utility, wheel button, Windows utility

        though I don't think it's been updated lately.

        Did you try a reboot yet?
        And do you have it in your start up programs?

        The settings I use

        General > Show tray ... checked

        Wheel Button > None of the buttons ... in drop down

        Applications > nothing set.

        Classes > Drop gadget on all Winamp windows

        BaseWindow_RootWind - Default ........ Main and Album Art
        SysListView32 - Default .................... ML RHS
        SysTreetView32 - Default ................. ML LHS
        Winamp PE - Default ........................ Playlist Editor
        WinampVideoChild - Default ............... Video

        Using Modern skin and win7

        I don't think I changed anything from default in XP

        Never tried it in conjuction with a touchpad, I'll take a look later if I get time



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          Thanks again, but... Tried everything in your post, still doesn't work. It's weird that there is no such built-in feature in winamp. I'm looking for how to ask winamp developer to make this option...


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            Had a look on the laptop and Katmouse works fine if you use a mouse.
            The touchpad will probably depend on model/software, mine implements it's own scrolling routine that works as you want it, but not on the Main window volume.

            Mouse over support is due in next release, but doesn't work on inactive windows from what I've seen.
            It's been mentioned internally, but I don't think this was ever planned, so may not be implemented.
            Again, the touchpad appears to be independent of the mouse behaviour.



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              Oh, I see, probably it's just software incompatibility. OK, I will wait for the next release, if it is planned as a supported feature, then maybe it will work. I just wonder why there is still no such a simple thing in winamp, how many years it exists... OK, thanks a lot! Good luck


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                Not sure that the new release will give you any more luck. Whist it will give you what you want provided you are using a mouse and one of the Winamp windows is active, the touchpad scrolling still has no effect on the volume control regardless of winamp support or not.
                Whatever Winamp is using to scroll volume just doesn't seem to be compatible with the touchpad scrolling I have installed.

                Take Care