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Winamp 5.58 Crash

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  • Winamp 5.58 Crash

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    PC: Dell XPS M1730
    Issue: Crash On Load

    Detailed Issue:
    I just installed Winamp 5.581 (Free) on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and it installed fine. However, after the installation finished and I chose to launch winamp after the installer closes, the window that came up labelled "Winamp Setup" crashed. Windows was unable to provide a solution as to how this crash occured. Upon attempting to run winamp.exe again nothing happened. I check the current running processes list in the Windows Task Manager and winamp.exe was not running. I attempted to run winamp.exe again and it still did not execute. I restarted my computer and ran winamp.exe again and it loaded the "Winamp Setup" window again and instantly crashed.

    Any valid assistance is greatly appreciated.
    Last edited by TheParadox; 23 August 2010, 02:30. Reason: It is v5.581 not v5.58 that I had installed.

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    use the standalone version of One for Nunz as detailed in to produce a list of your install - sounds like a broken 3rd party plug-in.

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      Generating Winamp plugin file report for Winamp version: 5.58 Build 2985 [FINAL_2010_0712_160456]
      Generated by 'One for Nunz (External) v2.0' on 23/08/2010 at 8:39:30 AM

      If you see `Loading test failed' against an entry then there is a likely chance that the
      plugin will not be correctly loaded by Winamp (this is often due to a missing dependancy).
      Visit for an app which allows you to see what is missing.

      << OS Information >>

      Running on: Windows 7
      Memory available: 4.00 GB

      << Input plugins >>

      in_avi.dll (66 kb)
      in_cdda.dll (100 kb)
      in_dshow.dll (70 kb)
      in_flac.dll (58 kb)
      in_flv.dll (42 kb)
      in_linein.dll (7 kb)
      in_midi.dll (107 kb)
      in_mkv.dll (48 kb)
      in_mod.dll (160 kb)
      in_mp3.dll (278 kb)
      in_mp4.dll (49 kb)
      in_nsv.dll (73 kb)
      in_swf.dll (23 kb)
      in_vorbis.dll (211 kb)
      in_wave.dll (16 kb)
      in_wm.dll (305 kb)
      (16 found)

      << Output plugins >>

      out_disk.dll (22 kb)
      out_ds.dll (50 kb)
      out_null.dll (20 kb)
      out_wave.dll (18 kb)
      out_xf.dll (20 kb)
      (5 found)

      << Visualisation plugins >>

      vis_avs.dll (452 kb)
      vis_milk2.dll (426 kb)
      vis_nsfs.dll (34 kb)
      (3 found)

      << DSP plugins >>

      dsp_sps.dll (39 kb)
      (1 found)

      << General Purpose plugins >>

      gen_dropbox.dll (849 kb)
      gen_ff.dll (1695 kb)
      gen_hotkeys.dll (27 kb)
      gen_jumpex.dll (179 kb)
      gen_ml.dll (299 kb)
      gen_mlt.dll (44 kb)
      gen_nunzio.dll (34 kb)
      gen_tray.dll (25 kb)
      (8 found)

      << Media Library plugins >>

      ml_addons.dll (24 kb)
      ml_autotag.dll (28 kb)
      ml_bookmarks.dll (27 kb)
      ml_downloads.dll (56 kb)
      ml_history.dll (51 kb)
      ml_impex.dll (55 kb)
      ml_local.dll (284 kb)
      ml_nowplaying.dll (22 kb)
      ml_online.dll (123 kb)
      ml_playlists.dll (81 kb)
      ml_plg.dll (60 kb)
      ml_pmp.dll (209 kb)
      ml_rg.dll (33 kb)
      ml_transcode.dll (30 kb)
      ml_wire.dll (116 kb)
      (15 found)

      << Portable plugins >>

      pmp_activesync.dll (29 kb)

      ----- Additional Content -----
      I download and executed Dependency Walker and opened winamp.exe with it.

      Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in an implicitly dependent module.
      Error: Modules with different CPU types were found.
      Warning: At least one delay-load dependency module was not found.
      Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module.

      Cannot find specified module: IESHIMS.DLL

      I'll download IESHIMS.DLL from DLL-Files and regsvr32 it.
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        from that list, i'd disable gen_mlt.dll and out_xf.dll (rename them to and and see if that works.

        also i wouldn't get ieshims.dll, Dependency Walker will often show some missing dlls which the OS will map in as required when other dlls are loaded.

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          Thanks. Renaming those 2 files did work.

          Out of curosity, what did those 2 files do?


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            one seems to be an output plugin (probably not the cause) and from what i can see gen_mlt may be a now playing plug-in but not sure what service (though there's been issues with a similar plug-in for msn so might be the same thing).

            WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog