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problem with win7

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  • problem with win7

    at the player features it says it's win7 compilant, yes i can find the playback buttons on the taskbar thumbnail, but most of the times it isn't there.
    Someone please help i want those buttons

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    I found that the playback controlls are missing only if there are other windows open and then start winamp. If no window is open and i start winamp the controls are there. But still it shoud be fixed


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      it's been looked into a number of times but no one on the dev team to my knowledge has been able to reproduce the issue with the buttons not appearing (and personally i've never seen it happen either with the native or the win7shell plug-in).

      maybe there is something else in your install which might be triggering it but you've not provided a plug-ins list as per the forum sticky ( so there's no way to rule out being another plug-in(s) causing it.

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        sorry for the slow reply
        here is the file generated by One for Nunz:

        sorry if i make problems but it's annoying because every time i want to take a screenshot it's working fine
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          yet another problem the list of plugins is the same the icons just didn't apear
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            I just dont get ANY controls (not even blank buttons)