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Winamp 5.581 & SqrSoft ACF

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  • Winamp 5.581 & SqrSoft ACF

    I always thought that the combo of Winamp and SqrSoft's Advanced Crossfading was a great combination (along with a good normalization plug-in). I haven't been able to use Sqrsoft's program with Winamp for a while now. All I get when I use the plugin is an irritating buzz. I've updated both programs to the most current versions but still the problem remains. Has anyone else had and fixed this problem?

    Yes I know that Winamp has built-in crossfading and there are other plug-ins that will do crossfading but it's not the same thing. Sqrsoft would find the end of the song and when it got to a certain volume would bring the next song in (It would be a like a radio-station fade).

    - phattbuzz