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'burner' doesn't recognize any disc to burn!

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  • 'burner' doesn't recognize any disc to burn!

    I so much want to use my Winamp Pro to burn my mp3 lists to CD, but it fails me at the very end because it won't recognize or acknowledge any kind of blank CD. It's not my drive's fault, because I can indeed produce a substandard audio CD from the competition.
    I'm hoping someone knowledgeable out there reads this and can lead me to a cure as I've found nothing either in the technical help page or from googling that sheds any light on what the problem might be. I'd greatly appreciate a response at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!

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    You need to post some specs as per the sticky. You especially need to start with details of your OS Version and Winamp Versions. (There are too many different answers without this information)

    Oh - and don't post your email address like that otherwise it will be picked up by a spambot.


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      Windows 7 is the OS. I didn't think it necessary to mention computer specifics as I was looking firstly for someone who at least knew the problem, figuring a way out might
      have been found. Or perhaps some problems have been noted with my up-to-date 5.581 Winamp version and a solution could be to revert to an older version. I tend to leave it to the nerdy to be submerged in all the techno politics, fads, and the current dope on the ins and outs. That said, is there anything anyone might offer towards a solution?

      Oooooo... duck! I think one of those spam bots just went by!


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        100 viewers today and nary a reply as I slip further from the hot first page .
        Wait, a sign off is at least appropriate .
        I may actually have to slip away from my Studio XPS with Windows 7, which is more than ever nonsupportive the single best computer audio player I've experienced (MusicMatch of old), just so I can properly burn my audio cd projects. I would have liked to find some solution to my holdup with Winamp which prevents me from competing with the sound I still get from MusicMatch, but the community of devoted Winamp supporters are evidently too removed from , well, me, to keep me going back to my original NuTrend computer from 2001 . Merry Christmas anyway. Farewell all .


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          You are not getting any help, because you will not help describe your problem. To start with, it would help if you actually installed the latest version 5.6. Then check if you have a virtual CD drive installed as these cause problems in Win7. But I doubt you have even read any of the other threads here have you?


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            a thread worth reading... don't worry, there are only two posts. Try installing the update being talked about there and see if it helps you.

            As you don't say if you are on a 32-bit or 64-bit system, I cannot tell if this is your problem or not



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              Just got the 5.601 update on my 64bit Win 7 and re-tried the burn with no success. First there's a request to insert a blank CD in drive F even though one is in it already. Nothing will happen thereafter until I open and close my drive gate with the same CD in it and then there will be a "reading disc" notice in the area where my burn selections were listed. That goes on to no end, forcing me to cancel and close the program to get on with my life. True, I've not been searching the horizons of these forum threads. I don't live here as much as you.


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                Alright, I've nearly 300 readers now with still no reply, and I don't see how submitting my DNA is going to help; therefore, I'll try bidding farewell again. If there's anyone else out there other than Batter Head (though I'm only 99% sure he's a dead end), well, I'll be back one or maybe two times again to check for replies before the stark adieu.


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                  I have never seen a forum posting like this. You are a unique little person aren't you? You abuse the only person who has tried to help you, and even now I am confused as to why you don't want to help us to help you.

                  I have tried to use my psychic abilities to deduce what your problems are, which other programs you have installed, what combination is different on your PC. But there is something that is blocking my mind-reading abilities that makes it difficult.

                  I try to dig through your strange prose to see if I can make any sense of it - and yet, your use of the English Language is so weird that I can only assume you are drunk. Or a little mad. Or a bit of both.

                  I even Googled your username, but that only adds more confusion. The people I find with your name seem to be using XP without the correct service packs, think IE6 is safe to use, or Vista with strange random "fix-it" programs, or Windows 7 with strange complaints about wide screen monitors. Between that collection of people, there are so many different OS's and Programs in use it makes it more clear that this will be the heart of your problem.

                  The thing I find funniest is - how do you expect this issue to be fixed for you if you don't supply any information about your problem? I expect you didn't even read the thread I linked for you.

                  Seriously - that thread will explain how in Windows 7 64-bit problems occur if you also run any kind of Virtual DVD program. (i.e. if you are the kind of person who uses cracked software you may have one of these installed). OR, in that same thread are details on an update that can get installed to repair the CD Writing API that Winamp uses.

                  If you are waiting for someone to offer to do a Home Callout for you to personally visit your computer and repair the problem, then I think you may be waiting a long time.

                  Usually I unsubscribe from forum threads like this. The thing is, you are amusing me so much that I will stay around and watch. Damn, I'd even help you to solve your problem but, it is clear that is not what you want. Potential solutions get offered, but you ignore them. Maybe it would make more sense for you to return to Musicmatch?

                  Ah - maybe I have worked out my problem. I am not talking in Jabberwocky prose. Maybe I'd be more help to you if I didn't make any sense at all.


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                    I have just had a thought... you don't own a boat do you? Live on the coast? And called Terry? It is just that you sound a lot like one of my clients... especially when he has been drinking a little too much.


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                      At least I amused you on your end. Seriously back though, you're anything but psychic.

                      I won't be returning this time... but go ahead, post the last word.


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                        I'll try posting this here instead of creating a whole new thread. I'm having the exact same problems as the op.

                        I just upgraded to winamp pro but for some reason I get an error saying "please insert blank recordable cd in drive d:"

                        -I'm running Winamp pro 5.601(clean install)
                        -Windows xp 64 bit
                        -Default skins/plugins/settings
                        -I just installed a brand new cd/dvd burner(today).
                        -I can burn the same files, on the same disk, using windows media player.
                        -It recognizes the cd's capacity including the used and available space.
                        -It even says a blank cd is present in winamp.
                        -When I click burn there there are no burn speeds in the drop down menu.
                        -When I click burn I get the error message.


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                          Ah - maybe we can rescue this thread by helping someone else. Please ignore that very strange person above, I never did make sense of what he was up to.

                          One thing I can confirm - CD\DVD burning will work on a 64-bit OS. It is working for me on my Vista 64-bit system.

                          It is still worth reading this:

                          Download that and update your DVD\CD burning engine. It could that your drive is too new for the older Roxio code.

                          Do I guess that this same Winamp used to burn for you from the old DVD\CD drive?


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                            It's a different winamp. I upgraded to winamp pro after I got the new drive, largely for the upgraded burning speeds.

                            I downloaded/installed the updated PX but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. I noticed that thread before but I gathered that the problem was exclusive to windows 7.

                            Update:Although it didn't prompt me to restart, I noticed the note at the bottom of the px installation directions. So, I went ahead and restarted my pc. It seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for your help!


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                              Good to see it now fixed. Worth stashing that update somewhere safe for the next install. I assume the winamp installer will include it eventually. Glad to have been able to help