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  • Different Playlist Generator Problem?

    Hello everybody. I seem to be having a different problem with this cursed plugin than anything I could find in the search (which brought up a lot of the same problem being reported constantly in different threads, but not a single report of the problem I'm having). My issue is actually in the scan itself and *doesn't* involve any crashing or corruption.

    I get through the first 3 steps, not a big deal. Last step starts, still no issue. After around 2000-2500 songs (not sure if the range is random or there's a more exact number involved), it simply stops and says it's done. And I only added about 15000 songs to the Media Library so far. Telling it to start again just makes it say "Stop" where it previously said "Done" (no matter how many times I mash the Scan button). If I hit the button to reset the database and start again, it breezes through the first 3 steps in about 15 seconds (as if it just needs to spot check them, which makes me wonder how the "reset" button could be doing its job when apparently it's not really resetting anything the first 3 steps work with), and then does about 2000-2500 more songs before the same thing occurs. Funny thing is, every time I do that, the number of songs it says it has to scan seems to be short about the amount that it scanned last time. It went from ~15000 to ~13200 to ~11100. But after that, it now refuses to scan anymore, no matter how many times I reset the database.

    I haven't tried deleting the database files, only because it keeps doing the same thing every scan, and this is a completely fresh install of Winamp, completely vanilla full installation. The only other relevant spec is that I'm running Windows 7 (32-bit), as my computer is more than capable otherwise. I realize this plugin has had issues in the past, especially with larger libraries or with scanning too many files at one time, but since it stops itself after a couple thousand songs, I'm not sure what *I* could do, since the workaround used to be to stop it before it crashed, and now it just does that on its own.

    On a related note, why does it take so long to scan the files? It's barely using my RAM, and it's not even using 10% of my processor's power, so what could possibly be keeping it so slow? Does this plugin rely on a fast, dedicated internet connection to function properly? My internet will sometimes cut out for a some seconds every half hour or so (it's a bit random, and doesn't always do it... AT&T's DSL fails so badly). I would hope that wouldn't be the source of my problem, but I suppose I could test it by tethering my phone and using that (reliable) internet connection. Any thoughts?

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    Winamp 5.6?

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