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Winamp won't start after installing new version (DEP)

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  • Winamp won't start after installing new version (DEP)

    After nagging me for installing the latest version, I downloaded the update from the website. (winamp5601_full_emusic-7plus_en-us.exe)

    Upon completion i left "run winamp" checked, and expected it to run. However, i got a Vista dialog box saying "winamp has stopped working". Then i got a balloon in the system tray, telling me about Data Execution Prevention. I tried adding winamp.exe as an exception, but Vista doesn't allow it.

    Is this a bug in the new version, or some configuration problem on my pc?

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    Probably some old incompatible 3rd-party plugin to blame, at a guess...?

    Please attach your List of Plugins (use the standalone version of nunz.exe to generate the log)
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      I haven't used any plugins for quite some time, but then again i have never fully uninstalled Winamp since.

      Attached you'll find the resulting files from running NUNZ.
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        These are the 3rd-party plugins you've got installed:


        Create a new "Backup" subfolder in the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\Plugins folder
        and move those 3 dll files from Plugins into the Backup folder.

        Try running Winamp again.
        If it runs ok, then one of those three 3rd-party plugins was to blame...

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          Bingo! The last one was the culprit it seems: when i moved gen_mp3cue.dll out of the dir winamp started up properly.

          Weird though, i've had that plugin installed for quite some time and never had any trouble with it, not even after earlier updates.

          Anyway, thanks for your help!


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            I'm having the same problem. After installing/running nunz, is there a way to determine which of my plugins are third-party?

            If not, I've attached my nunz report and am open to suggestion.
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     lists all of the officially bundled plug-ins.

              however from your report, you also have chipamp installed so if you still want the support of the plug-ins it installed then update the 3 plug-ins i've provided links to in my previous post or if you're not using any game audio formats then you can just remove the following:

              in_adlib.dll (765 kb) Loading test failed
              in_gez.dll (112 kb)
              in_gsf.dll (161 kb)
              in_nez.dll (156 kb)
              in_NotSoFatso.dll (292 kb)
              in_psf.dll (392 kb)
              in_sid2.dll (125 kb)
              in_snes.dll (648 kb)
              in_usf.dll (684 kb)
              in_vgm.dll (283 kb)

              also your in_adlib install appears to be broken due to the loading failure issue.

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                Same Issue...

                Like the last person, I hate bothering you and wish I could just figure out which plugins to test myself, but there are 25 listed there, and it's a bit unclear to me which are 3rd party and which aren't. You'll see I also use Chipamp (and probably never got around to uninstalling the earlier plugins for various single-system game plugins) and recently have been enjoying RockSteady (which I hope isn't the problem).

                Any idea why this would pop up now, on this new version?

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                  It does seem that something in 5.6 has broken a whole load of old plugins. I particular gen_lyrics.dll which a lot of people have.


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                    (Sorry for missing where you told me where to find the list of official plugins, and then I went and asked where it was again. I hate being that guy.)

                    It turns out that it was indeed Chipamp that was causing the problem. They've updated their files to fix the problem; they recommend uninstalling the old version first before reinstalling the new version (1.0). It's at



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                      Originally Posted by jbond23 View Post
                      It does seem that something in 5.6 has broken a whole load of old plugins. I particular gen_lyrics.dll which a lot of people have.
                      i would have probably guess it's related to the security fixes (particularly the dll loading one) though it has always been down to plug-in authors to update their plug-ins as neded. also if users are using old / deprecated plug-ins then not a lot can really be done though as chipamp showed, it was bundling older versions of plug-ins than what was available individually (a downside of a neglected plug-in pack).

                      any how, at least the issue is known and what needs to be done to resolve it i.e. installing the correctly updated plug-ins

                      BasementWall: thanks for the heads up on the update.

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