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I cannot drag & drop mp3s from my Windows Explorer into my playlist v.5.6

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  • I cannot drag & drop mp3s from my Windows Explorer into my playlist v.5.6

    I could previously drag any music file directly from my Windows Explorer (Win 7) and into my Winamps playlist. Two days ago I noticed that for some unknown reason whenever I clicked twice on a song in the playlist, a pop-up dialog prompting me to add the file to the playlist appeared. Being that I couldn't find how to modify that behaviour in the Preferences section, I installed ver. 5.601 half an hour ago. Oddly, now I cannot drag and drop from the Explorer. I can drag songs which are shown inside my Media Library, though, but I use the other function a lot. I looked inside the Preferences again, but nothing rang a bell.

    Is this a known bug? If not, any hints as to how to fix this?

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    For the drag+drop problem, simply close & reopen Winamp.

    The Winamp installer runs in elevated admin mode and therefore launches Winamp on first run in elevated mode.
    Drag+drop doesn't work for any programs when running in admin mode.

    For the double-click/open files issue, are you maybe using Babylon8 software?


    Open Files dialog appears when double-clicking in playlist (Babylon 8 related)
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      Yes, I am using Babylon. I will try the solution on that thread if my second issue appears again. Many thanks, Egg.

      I did what you suggested (closing and then opening winamp) and it worked correctly again. Thank you again for your quick and useful response.