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  • Displaying Downloaded Podcasts

    I used Winamp to download all episodes of about fifteen Podcasts. Winamp correctly downloaded all episodes; I verified this through Windows Explorer. However, I had trouble with Winamp and uninstall/reinstall it.

    After reinstalling, and after re-subscriptimg to the podcasts, and after pointing "Watch Folders" to my podcasts folder I expected Winamp to read and display all the files it had downloaded the first time it was installed. But it did not.

    For example, the first time I installed Winamp I downloaded twenty-four episodes to C:\Users\Efemmeral\Podcasts\Common Sense with Dan Carlin. After uninstalling and reinstalling Winamp it won't recognize or display any of those files . . . unless I tell Winamp to download them all again.

    Can I make Winamp display what it has already downloaded without having to download everything again?

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    Maybe you look in the wrong location. Under 'Local Media' you can find a default view called 'Podcasts', are the podcast not listed there, if you add the download folder to the list of the watched folders under Preferences > Media Library > Local Media > Watched Folders?
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      Thank you, Koopa. Yes, I have not misplaced my Podcasts. Winamp accurately downloads all Podcasts to both the correct folder and sub-folder. But Winamp can only 'see' the files it has downloaded under the current installation.

      In fact, I have carried this one step further. If I choose to 'Clear Media Library' then Winamp will again not 'see' the Podcast files, even after a reboot, despite the fact that the folder is listed in 'Watch Folders'.

      The only way I have found to make Winamp see the files it has downloaded is to download them again. Surely, this cannot be correct.

      Incidentally, the option on my "Watch Folder" is set to 'Default'. Should I set it to 'No Guessing' or, perhaps, 'Simple'? And I also have the option checked for Winamp to 'Rescan Folders At Startup'.