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Problems with playlist sync and album art on Android

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  • Problems with playlist sync and album art on Android

    Using Winamp for Android 0.9.2 on Galaxy S (Android 2.1.1) and Winamp 5.6.1 on Windows 7 PC. Love what you have done so far but having a couple of problems.

    1) Using a USB connection, the sync works perfectly the first time, but when I add a song to my local media library and sync, the song is transferred but the playlist on the Galaxy S is not updated so I have to do it manually after the sync. This also occurs if I "send to" or drag from the playlist on the PC to the Galaxy S.

    2) Using a wireless connection, I am having the same problem where the playlist on the Galaxy S is not updated and in addition, some of my mp3 files that are synced lose track of imbedded album art. The art is still in the tag, but not showing up in the Winamp player on the Galaxy S.

    Should this be in bug reports? If so please move.
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    Yeah, i'm with the same problem here.
    It appears to be a bug on winamp playlist update.
    And i see this before the last update, and still here.

    Please developers, could you fix that and make winamp a (real) good application for android mp3 management?


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      almost one month later, and NO answer by any developer, admin, moderator, nobody.
      Thanks for crap support forum.
      i'm removing this piece of shit from my mobile.


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        Here is something I found

        May be of use to all you folks trying to use Winamp and missing a Playlist that can be generated from a Folder that contains Music:-
        If you have your Music Files stashed away in Folders just like I do and have a huge MicroSD Card that can accommodate almost all of your fav...