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batch album art download?

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  • batch album art download?

    Hello all. I have rockbox on my ipod, and im using winamp to manage and sync my music. I was wondering if there was a way to batch download album art with winamp or any other software, as i have over 500 albums, and right clicking and going to download album art for each individual album is taking up way too much time

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    That would be nice, but album art has been an issue for a very long time so don't expect it to get solved (ever). What would be nice is when it goes out to gather titles and album info if it would also retrieve the album art so everything was done at the same time before ripping, and option to embed the image in each song would also be nice.
    Your mileage may vary!


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      Use Album Art Downloader XUI. It will do everything that you can think of: