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  • Transfer error to iPod

    First off, I am new to Winamp.

    Second, I am a tech layman. I can follow instructions and can figure much out on my own, but lack any real knowledge.

    I am a convert from iTunes. I no longer have iTunes on my computer (which runs on Vista, sadly). All songs have been transfered into Winamp and the basic functions of Winamp have been working great.

    I am trying to set up Winamp to sync with my 8G iPod Nano. There are songs already on it from when it was last synced with iTunes. Portables wasn't showing up on the side-bar. When I tried to find it under Devices, nothing happened. After research I downloaded ml_iPod. Now iPod shows up under Devices. Still no Portables.

    I managed to send a few albums to iPod, but now whenever I try this I get "transfer error".

    How do I get past this transfer error so I can continue to figure out how to sync my iPod? I have been searching the forums for help for about 2 hours now, and have not found anything that matches my issue.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I friend sent me here:

    So, I uninstalled Winamp and reinstalled. All this did was remove all my tags and such, thereby creating hours more work for myself. I blame myself for blindly believing this would work and for not saving data.

    But, I am now back at square one. No Portables option. No device listed. Have not re-downloaded ml_iPod.

    Hopefully someone will help me out this week. I'll wait patiently as I fix all my meta tags.
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      for anyone who still has this issue i discovered after going to win10 and running winamp 5.666 and the latest build my upload to my ipod classic or ipod photo it would crash after 1 or 2 songs . i have tried other up loaders but i still love winamp so my solution was to install version 5.56 do not install the mule and remove any apple comparability drivers in control panel that may have installed ( i had three ) as you only really want winamps one not apples after all.