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Can't use format converter - "send to" option is missing!

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  • Can't use format converter - "send to" option is missing!

    Hi, I have a problem with latest Winamp version trying to run it on Ubuntu 10.04 through latest wine version.

    The thing is, the program works perfectly, but there's one key thing that doesn't work. And it's what I need the most. The format converter.

    Happens that when I right-click a song in the playlist menu, I don't get the "send to" option. I just get:

    -Play items
    -Remove items
    -Crop files
    -View file info...
    -Playlist entry
    -Bookmark items
    -Rate items

    Why is this? I think that there must be a logical explanation. Maybe is that some files are not being installed, or not shown by some reason. But why? What do I have to do?

    I ask you, Winamp experts for advices, because the program executes flawlessly but I can't send a file to the format converter, and that's the feature I wanted to use.

    Is there any way to solve this?

    Thank you in advance

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    Originally Posted by taurokpo View Post
    trying to run it on Ubuntu 10.04 through latest wine version.
    Winamp isn't supported in that scenario so there's never a guarantee any features will work. most likely Winamp is using an api (or api's) which wine doesn't fully implement leading to the issue you're seeing. not really something anyone here can help with.

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      Thank you for helping,

      the strange thing is that I'm not seeing the remaining items in the menu that should be there (among them, the above stated "send to").

      If this was strictly a compatibility problem I would see all the items, but if clicked the not-compatible one, the unsupported one, it wouldn't work.

      So I'm guessing Winamp is not showing this menu "on purpose", because it detects some abnormality in the installation, or something (I don't know the way Winamp determines whether to show or not to show certain menu items and do not show others).

      That's what I'm trying to find out. Maybe I'm needing some windows dlls, or Microsoft's complementary programs that would allow a full Winamp installation? I'm just guessing.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you


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        based on what you put in your first post, the menu shown is the base menu resource so if there's nothing else being added then something is obviously preventing the addition of other menu items which points more at a Wine issue. Winamp doesn't have any code in it that checks for Wine so it's not a deliberate sabotage plus when i briefly tried it out a few months ago myself the send-to menu was there (ignoring the annoying Window positioning bug that's present from Wine/X integration). so i'd have to assume it's either a regression on Wine's side or the version you're using isn't built properly.

        only viable solution is to use it on Windows or really it'd be better to use one of the many native linux media players which shouldn't have such issues.

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