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I see my device but can't access it.

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  • I see my device but can't access it.

    I'm running Windows 7 with Winamp 5.61 in a Admin Account
    I attached a plugin text file as well

    I'm trying to access my device (Ipod Nano 2nd generation) and while I can access the play lists below it, when I click on my device or right click and choose "open" the Ipod highlights but nothing happens.
    I don't know if this is coincidence, but I incidentally removed all columns right beforehand in a attempt to organize the device. Then I noticed I couldn't access my device. But files from the playlists would still play. Can't copy anything to the device now either because of this.

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    The picture shows the device is open but it's pretending it's still on the "Halloween" playlist still or something.
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    All right, I finally solved it.
    I closed winamp and went into the drive of the ipod then into the hidden ipod control folder. In there I found the configuration file (ml_pmp.ini) and deleted it (after backing it up in a separate location) I opened winamp which recreated the ml_pmp file and I can access my Ipod again!
    Guess it just needed a reset.