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  • Library shows only Devices

    The Library shows only the word "Devices" and the right window only Device Manager. No matter what I clik on I cannot changes this.
    I have Winamp Pro, and when I first installed it, I able to create playlists from ripped CD's and all the playlists showed as well as my two CD drives. Suddenly, this all disappeared replaced by Devices.
    I did do a virus scan with Alvira, but that is all that changed.
    Can anyone offer some suggestions? Should I re-install?


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    edit - seems to be an issue with somthing on my comp last night, weird - i redownloaded it, and reinstalled, it seemed to work - @ op, make sure your media library is checked off on the install, lol (I might have unchecked it in my exhaustion >.>>)

    im having the same issue, i've tried reinstalling it a few times, just reformatted my computer yesterday (did not have this problem beforehand) so im guessing im missing some pre-req such as framework etc. (i have the latest framework installed just using that as an example)

    but this is quite fustrating since i have a decently large number of playlists i'd like to import and save, and as of now i have to run them out of files lol