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Crossfading Mixing Plugin Advise Windows 7 64 bits

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  • Crossfading Mixing Plugin Advise Windows 7 64 bits

    Gooday mates:

    First of all, I want to congratulate and thank the Winamp Team for such a great program; it's by far the best for enjoying and ripping music. I am an old Winamp user and I have not had a single problem. Its interface is easy to understand and its performance sets the benchmark.

    Well, I need advise about a feature and/or plugin to mix and/or crossfade mp3 files. This is the situation:
    • I have been chosen to be a DJ in a party.
    • I have a Toshiba Laptop Win 7 Home Premium (fully updated) 64bits (4GB RAM, 1TB HHD) which is connected to an amplifier through a HDMI cable.
    • I have installed Winamp 5.61 Pro; default plugins in. The only plugin extra is "Classic Spectrum Analyzer" visualization.
    • As well, the amplifier connects through HDMI cables to a LCD TV and to a Blue-Ray unit.
    • All units and connections work perfectly (God bless digital ports)
    • All my music is in MP3 @ 256 bitrate and it is store in my hard drive and backed up in my portable Western Digital HDD. For me music CDs are obsolete so to DJ I don't need additional items such as turntables or CDs units. Even more, I got rid of my CDs long time ago. CDs are to be ripped.
    • I plan to DJ only from my laptop.

    I know there are lots of programs to DJ but I'm not interested. I'm sure Winamp can handle it very easy.

    I'm aware of the cross-fading feature built in Winamp. I know how to play 2 songs simultaneously opening two Winamp instances. I have read posts and the plugin section but these are to old and I am worried about the compatibility and reliability with Win 7 64 bits.

    Therefore, my question is: which plugin I must install to make easier cross-fading/mixing songs having opened two Winamp 5.61 instances in Win 7 64 bits? I would like to have a third graphical interface to manage it.

    I would really appreciate your comments and advise. Everyday we learn something new. Thank you all in advance.

    See you lata from downunda !!