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Issues with videos, and a "spring back to 0:00"

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  • Issues with videos, and a "spring back to 0:00"

    Hi there. For some reason, the last couple of days, when playing an .AVI file....
    a) If I pressed one of the arrow keys, it would spring back to 0:00; could no longer go forwards and backwards in the movie
    b) If you tried to move the progress slider manually, it would correctly take you to the right part of the video, but the slider will be back at the start and the timer will say 0:00.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

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    Same here

    Oddly enough, yesterday I installed a system from scratch and it worked fine. Today, same deal, and I am having this issue.

    I tried a clean reinstall, but to no avail. Codecs are fine, movies that show this behavior play fine in the ms media player, yet in winamp they don't play. Those same files played still fine yesterday.

    I'm stumped.


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      I am having the exact same problem. I just got a new computer and am running Windows 7 Ultimate. With my previous computer I never had any problems. I have been an avid winamp user for the past 5 years. Any help would be appreciated. I didn't realize how much I used the seek function until now when I don't have it anymore. Thank you.


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        Shameless bump.

        This is a highly odd problem. First it all worked just fine on Vista 64 (in my case) and now there is a whole range of video formats that do not work anymore. Mind you, same OS, same software, same hardware, just a new installation.

        Non of my *.flv files play anymore, and MP4 files are problematic also. When I play them in MS Media Player, with the codecs that I have installed on my system, they play fine.

        Which reminds me; is there a way in which I can tell WinAmp to use the codecs that I have installed on my system? Or rather, to ignore its own codecs and use those that are on the system?
        That might resolve my problem, at least for the time being while this issue on the winamp side is looked at.


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          And cheers!

          With yesterdays update my video play problem was saved. Thanks guys.


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            update? What update it this?