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More control over Replay Gain?

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  • More control over Replay Gain?

    I use winamp to play my backing tracks for performance. It seems no matter how carefully I try to mix these tracks, they still end up with very different playback volumes. Replay gain to the rescue? Well yes... its helped a lot. But really, not enough. I'm sure its because it's just not so easy to quickly analyze a group of songs and come up with a +/- DB number for each. And I don't expect it to be updated with 200 adjustable parameters to tweak.

    But... since Winamp does at least try to use the replay gain numbers that the re-play gain calculator embeds, it sure would be nice if there were some way to directly edit those numbers. That way, if certain songs are just too quiet or too loud, I can enter my own settings. Is there such an editor that would let me manually tweak the "meta data"? I pretty much use MP3s if that makes it easier.

    Maybe what i really need is some kind of averaging compressor plugin for Winamp.?

    UPDATE: I think I may have found a good compressor plugin that may help! Its called Stereo Tool 6.0. If it works, I guess I'll need to decide whether to keep "Replay Gain" enabled or not. If replay gain is applied AFTER the plugin, it will probably make things worse. If its applied BEFORE the DSP plugin, then it could help take some of the load off the DSP, and actually help. Does anyone know the order in which replay gain and a DSP plugin is applied!
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    I would like to know how to manually edit the track gain also in 5.61
    The gain boxes are grayed out in the file Info.

    I have at least one track that has a -12.47 db figure in track gain and now it will not play.
    Is there way to reset the track gain?


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      Hey peter,
      Can't seem to get anyone here to throw out any info on this?

      I just looked at the file info for one of my backing tracks.

      It has the normal ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, but it also has an APEv2 tag.

      In the APE tag you can edit the replay gain album and track figures but the ID3v2 tag still shows the original reply gain values.

      I'm now on the hunt to find a tag editor to edit the Id3v2 tag values for replay gain.

      I am guessing that Winamp is using the ID3 tag gain figures for replay?


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        ok, looks like foobar200o can create and edit the replay gain tags.

        Once you install it you can get right click context menu options to manually edit the replay gain tags.
        manual edit is not added to the right click context menu by default.

        install foobar2000
        go to file->preferences->context menu->replay gain
        check the boxes under replay gain that you want to have in a right click context menu.

        edit replay gain information is one of the choices.

        Browse to your backing tracks, right click on a file, choose replay gain-> replay gain edit information and edit away.
        I will be testing it tomorrow to level out some of my backing tracks.

        I had foobar200 re-do some of my winamp replay gains and it found a file that was corrupt.
        The same file that would not play after winamp had added replay gain to.


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          make sure you in winamp prefs you set RG to use "track gain" and you may want to experiment with turning off "prevent clipping"

          if you want to directly edit the numbers, use mp3tag.
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            Haaaaa......Foobar2000 lets you edit the replay gain figure

            Just dl'd it and tested it.

            You can add the edit function to your right click mouse context menu.

            edit is not in the stock context menu by default.

            file->preferences->context menu->replay gain->-> tick off the boex you want in the context menu.

            Then right click on the file and edit as you please.


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              Found a great free program that lets you edit the replay gain figures.
              It can also calculate replay gain and will remove replay gain from mp3's

              Seems the forum gods won't let me mention the name.
              Have tried in two post, but the post are deleted.

              PM me and I'll give you the details
              lets see if this works - foo & bar & 2000
              Do a search on the combined words above

              Worked great on the few backing tracks I tested
              Once installed, you can add items to your right click context menu that let you alter tag info.
              Go into preferences to set up your context menu.
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                Hi EL34 (and Peterpan321 too)

                It was the auto forum spam filter which was blocking the foobar2k url.
                I've fixed it in the control panel....

                Editing RG values has been on the wishlist for ages.
                It's very high up on my own personal wishlist too.
                As it currently stands, the only way to remove RG values from MP3 is to remove the entire id3v2 tag! Not good :-(

                You can easily edit/delete RG values for OGG & FLAC with Winamp,
                so maybe we should be usIng the same method for MP3, MP4 & WMA (eg. via an Advanced tab in the File Info Editor).

                There WAS talk about it a while back, but nothing's happened as yet....

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                  Thanks Egg,
                  Was not sure why both my post were gone or never posted.
                  Thought you guys did not like foobar2000.

                  Anywho, I think it's a good idea to be able to edit the RG values.
                  Even after running RG on a batch of backing tracks, I still hear volume differences that I need to manually correct.

                  Foobar2000 is letting me do that with right click context menu selections which is a very cool idea.

                  It also has a right click function that erases the RG data from the tag, which I had to use also.