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working with zip files

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  • working with zip files

    my problem is i am wanting to run my zips in winamp finally found a plugin for it and all be darned it worked but then run into another snag, Winamp does not recognize zips when you go to hunt for them anyone have any ideas???

    Let me know thanks

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    i assume you mean when using the browse feature in Winamp and it's the in_zip plug-in maybe that you're using? if so then that is expected behaviour with how the plug-in is currently coded to work - it's done that way as the normal way of registering file extensions from the plug-in into Winamp would make Winamp be the default zip handler which wasn't deemed worthy of the hassle it would cause if enabled by default. there is an option in the preferences if you manually want to associate them (but it'll change the default hander).

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