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WinAmp Dual Monitor Support?

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  • WinAmp Dual Monitor Support?

    I have 2 monitors hooked up to my computer.
    When i run winamp i put it on the secondary monitor. (They are obviously extended.)
    I like using the Visualizer as the background feature and i only want it on the main monitor. But that's not the issue.
    When i have it going just to the main monitor i cannot use winamp on the second one. It just flashes the main monitor where the visualizer is and brings it to the front.
    Is there a way to be able to run the visualizer as the background and still use the main winamp screen. So i can scroll through songs and selecte new artists without having to exit the vizualiser? AND without having to use the shortcut keys?:: any help would be appreciated

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    it would completely depend upon the vis plug-in you're trying to use and if it has been coded to even do what you're looking for (though i don't remember many would come even close to it).

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      Understandable. Thanks!