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Winamp-default player???

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  • Winamp-default player???

    Every time I turn on Winamp he switch to the default player for movies and music. How to stop Winamp to swotch to the default player? Thanks

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    During the Setup stage of installation, you are asked what filetypes to associate with Winamp
    and whether you want it to maintain those associations.

    You can manually change these settings later, by going to:

    Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> File Types:

    Deselect the file extensions you don’t want Winamp to be the default for,

    and optionally, uncheck "Restore associations at Winamp startup"

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      If you installed Winamp Agent, remove it.

      Also look into the Preferences / General Preferences / File Types and make sure there is not a tick in "Restore File Associations at Winamp start-up"


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        the agent doesn't do anything like that, it's just a Winamp loader / notification icon when Winamp isn't really loaded. so has nothing to do with file associations (and hasn't for a while), hence the few text changes which have been made for when the next release occurs.

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          Ah - thanks for the correction on Winamp Agent. TBH - I haven't installed Agent in years as I always in the habit of skipping it. Didn't realise it now didn't do anything association related.


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            hasn't done since 5.53 from looking back at things (since it never received all of the logic needed to cope with 'Different shell descriptions for different associated filetypes'

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              That makes sense. And I can see where my confusion came from as when I installed Winamp last night on a laptop. The only description of Agent on the File Association page is "used to keep winamp file associations". The main reason I have been skipping it all these years.