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Winamp output very quiet

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  • Winamp output very quiet

    Suddenly my Winamp is very quiet, unlike Windows Media Player for example. The volume is set at 100% by the way.

    I've googled this but can only find the fix for Vista and I'm using Windows 7 64bit. It says to turn up Winamp in the mixer (which I remember XP and Vista having), but W7 has no mixer.

    I searched for this problem on the forum and there was one post about it from 11 years ago which got no replies.

    Is there something I'm missing here or is the advice going to be to re-install again?


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    With Winamp open - look in your notification area for the speaker icon, check the hidden icons if you don't see it.
    Left click to show the volume bar. Click on the word 'Mixer' and adjust the Winamp volume section.



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      Oops, I'd not noticed that before as I usually go via the control panel or mobility center to get to the sound settings. The Winamp volume had somehow gone down to 14%, but it's on 100% now and back to normal.

      Thanks very much for the help ujay.


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        UJAY your a star, thanks so much for this info. I have been doing my nut over winamp being so quiet, I have tried reinstalling it but didn't realise it had a separate volume control in the main control panel.



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          Hi rslegion,

          An big unknown is what causes the Windows volume mixer to reduce the setting for Winamp in the first place. One of the things that could cause it is the feature that will automatically adjust the volume of different sounds when the OS 'thinks' it has detected a phone call.

          Go the the control panel's Sound management utility, find the tab for "Communications" and disable this feature (select the "Do nothing" option).

          And unrelated to the OS, some of the Winamp input and output plug-ins can also affect volume. Check the configuration options for your plug-ins to be sure any volume controls are set the way you want them to be. The volume control in the MIDI Player (in_midi.dll) input plug-in can cause the volume to be reduced when playing other formats after playing a midi file. I suggest setting this option to "None" on the device tab of this plug-in's configuration options.
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            Helped me too!