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  • M3U streaming cover art

    How come when I stream a M3U playlist from the web on Windows Media it will show the cover art, (I would think from a picture embedded in the MP3 itself), but when I try to stream the M3U playlist on Winamp, it doesn't show any cover art?

    Is this a ID3 tag issue, or a preference setting I'm overlooking in Winamp, or is it neither?

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    Neither I think.

    AFAIK Winamp only uses the Artist and Title from available metadata when streaming.



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      even if the artwork is passed from whatever solution you're using for streaming, Winamp only will display artwork on local files as that's how it's coded. maybe this will change as there are some plans to make Winamp show the artwork from SHOUTcast 2 servers, otherwise it just will generally show artist - title (or what it can show from any server provided information based on the ATF string you've set for the playlist editor contents).

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