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No individual volume for Winamp in Windows 7 Volume Mixer

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  • No individual volume for Winamp in Windows 7 Volume Mixer

    Gotten tired of manually turning the volume knob on the speaker.
    Need to do so as Winamp is a lot louder then Media Player Classic on my PC.

    Thought that Winamp should have an individual volume slider in the Windows 7 volume mixer but it doesn't.

    Is there anything to change in Winamp to make the individual volume slider appear in the Windows 7 volume mixer?


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    Winamp should appear as a separate item in the system's volume mixer - have tried it with the Directsound and the Waveout plug-ins and it showed in both cases. Could be an issue with the audio drivers of the device you're using though i was under the impression that Windows will automatically work out if it can show a volume controller for a program.

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      Just checking - You have got Winamp open when you look in the mixer ???

      I do remember not seeing it on one occasion, restarting Winamp sorted it.



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        Yup, Winamp is open.

        Tried both when playing and not playing music.
        Tried Directsound plugin with the different options in the Device tab.
        Tried restarting Winamp many times.
        Don't have Waveout plugin installed.

        It seems to be only Winamp.
        Miranda IM, Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic all have their individual volume slider appearing.


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          Could be my drivers not playing nice with Winamp perhaps.
          My soundcard is the Asus Xonar DX.

          Tried setting a volume than turn off volume control in the Directsound plugin but it seem to jump back to the master volume on stop-play.
          Don't like volume control as sometime an accidental scroll of the mouse wheel can change the volume.

          What I do now is to on the EQ and turn down the preamp.
          Not sure if it will affect quality but the volume is down.

          Ok found that in the Replay Gain tab theres "Adjustment for files without Replay Gain".
          Now using that instead of the EQ preamp.