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touch scroll/pan in playlist doesn't work

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  • touch scroll/pan in playlist doesn't work


    I have a finger-touch-able windows 7 notebook (hp tm2) and I wanted to use winamp as my multimedia center. Small buttons are not the problem. What i have a problem with is that scrolling/panning with the finger doesn't work in the playlist. Instead of scrolling it moves a title around. That's quite annoying, because I always got quite an amount of titles in there.

    What really is astonishing: the touch-scroll/pan works perfectly within the media library and in all other parts of winamp. Just not the playlist, which I need most of course.

    I've searched and tried for hours to set this right, without any solution.
    Mabe I'm just overseeing an option or a simple button....


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    the main playlist editor is a custom control so doesn't have the same features as the proper list controls used in other parts of Winamp. so i don't think there's much you can do without some code changes (assuming that can be done - i've no idea without researching what messages the touch action would even send to the playlist window to allow for it to be handled).

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      Just to be clear.

      Plain scroll(moving the finger up and down the right hand side of the touch pad) should scroll the whole playlist.
      Double tap and scroll should select the title you're over and move it up and down the playlist.

      Not familiar with HP, that's the way it works for me on an IBM.

      If you can't find anything in the settings, or newer drivers don't help then it's probably as DrO says.



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        no, probably I didn't point it out clearly enough. I'm talking about a Multi-TouchSCREEN. The Laptop also has a TouchPAD, which uses two finger to scroll and which works perfectly with winamp by the way.

        Normaly it is recorgnized when I use touchscreen with the finger and programs behave differently as if I use a mouse or the touchpad. e.g. browser, word, explorer, pdf-reader (winamps library),... scroll instead of marking text.

        The thing is, when I flip the screen there is no touchpad to use anymore. Ergo no practiable way to scroll within the playlist.

        What DrO says, sounds consistent. The other parts of winamp behave as most other programs on Windows 7. It appears to be some sort of Microsoft-standard to which the playlist is not compatible due to its "custom control".

        question are: is there a hidden button to fix this (in Opera there was one)? Or can I hope for another solution (in a new release maybe..)? And how have other people solved this, who use winamp in their touchscreen-based car-PC for example?



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          might be a bit late

          found a sollution, use the media library, lpad the playlist into the playlist section, and hide the library part, it will work like a playlist, and has touch support. thpugh you cant easily edit it, it should work for the purpose of viewing the playlist, and jumping to a specific song.